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Rob Papen eXplorer (Windows)


System Requirements:

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Instant Download 
  • Lifetime Activation 
  • Future Free Updates 
  • VST2, VST3, AAX
  • 12GB File Size


Introducing eXplorer 8, a comprehensive music production bundle from Rob Papen, featuring an extensive collection of 30 RP products, including the remarkable Prisma! Upon registering your bundle, you’ll have access to exciting new additions: BLUE-IIIRevSane, and BIT-2. And stay tuned for a forthcoming FX expansion in the summer of 2023!

Explore the Rich Soundscapes:

  • BIT-2: The Ultimate Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • BLUE-III: A Fusion of Cross-fusion Virtual Synthesizer
  • RevSane: Experience Algorithm Reverb with ‘Disrupt Sphere’
  • Predator-3: The Hybride Powerhouse!
  • RoCoder: Unleash the Potential of Vocoder and More!
  • DelSane: Dive into the Coolest Delay in the Galaxy!
  • RP-Distort 2: PowerHouse Distortion FX with Disrupt Sphere!
  • Punch 2: Elevate Your Beats with This Power Drum Machine
  • BLADE-2: Explore Cutting-edge Additive Synthesis and Beyond
  • Quad: Get Creative with PhaseDistortion and WaveShaper Synthesizer
  • XY-Transfer: Experience XY-modulation FX Multiprocessor
  • BIT: The Ultimate Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • Vecto: Dive into Four-oscillator Vector Synthesizer
  • Go2: Harness the Power of Limitations with This Synthesizer
  • RAW-Kick: Craft Edgy Kicks for Contemporary Dance Music
  • MasterMagic: Add a Touch of Magic to Your Mix or Mastering
  • SubBoomBass-2: The Ultimate Bass Synthesizer
  • BLUE-II: Experience Cross-fusion Synthesis at Its Best
  • RG: Explore Electric and Acoustic Guitar Grooves
  • RP-VERB 2: Discover the Fascinating ‘Reverser’ Section in RP-VERB 2
  • RP-EQ: Achieve Silky Smooth-Sounding Channel and Mastering EQ
  • Punch-BD: Dive into the World of BD Module-based Virtual Drum Synthesis
  • RP-Delay: Embrace Delay Insanity with Reverser, 6 Lines, 8 Filters, 4 LFOs, and More
  • RP-Distort: Transform and Alter Your Tracks with This Wicked FX Unit
  • RP-Amod: Spice Up Your Vocals, Instruments, and Drums
  • RP-Reverse: Creatively Reverse Incoming Audio
  • RAW: Explore Cutting-edge EDM Synthesis with a Focus on ‘Distorted Sounds’

Predator Versions:

  • Predator-2: Load Your Songs Using Predator 2.0
  • Predator 1.6: Access the Original Predator for Compatibility
  • PredatorFX: Enjoy Filter, Modulation, Vocoder, and Effects Based on Predator 1.6

Prisma: Unleash Your Creativity with Layering

Note: This bundle also includes the original PredatorSubBoomBassPunch, and Blade for seamless compatibility with your older songs and Prisma.

Plugin Versions Include:

  • A Wide Array of Synths and FX to Suit Your Creative Needs


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