Slate Digital ANA2 Ultra Bundle 2023 (Windows)

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System Requirements: 

  • Windows 10,11 (64bit Only)
  • Instant Download 
  • 8 GB RAM, 2.5 GB free disk space (SSD recommended)
  • Lifetime Activation/ Future Free Updates 
In Stock


ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is an incredibly powerful synthesizer that makes it easy to craft all the signature sounds, unique textures, and custom FX you can imagine.

Take ANA 2 Ultra Bundle to new creative heights with 10 organic instruments and 5 drum machines, each of which put the multisampler’s power on full display.

With over 1,700 presets, custom expansion packs, and unique skins to match, and a brand-new multisample module, the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is an extraordinarily versatile instrument.

Get to know ANA 2 Ultra Bundle

With three wavetable oscillators, three samplers, 46 different filter types, and a brand-new multisampler module, ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is the most powerful synth you’ll ever use. Click on the plus symbols below to explore the interface and get a sneak peek under the hood.

shaping your sound.

24 Built-in Effects

ANA 2 Ultra comes with 24 onboard effects so you can spice up your sounds even more. From multiband limiters and EQs to reverb and digital distortion, there’s tons to tap into.


Choose from six mono and stereo LFO types to manipulate your sound.

Chord Memory Device

Alongside a very powerful arpeggiator, the Chord Memory Device (CMD) lets you play entire chords with a single key, streamlining the composition process for beginner and pro key players alike.


The biggest update to ANA 2 Ultra Bundle comes in the form of the brand-new multisampler module. Pair it with our exclusive Multisample Expansion Pack to add 10 organic instruments and 5 vintage drum machines to your toolkit, or transform your own samples into custom multisample instruments.





    Brooklyn 94



    Windy Road



    Morning Dew



    Wave Breaks


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