Arturia V Collection 9 Software Instrument Bundle (Windows)

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 & 11 (64Bit Only)
  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • 8GB RAM minimum, 30GB free drive space
  • VST, NKS, Standalone
In Stock


Arturia has earned its renown as a reputable purveyor of sound-design technology in the realms of hardware, software, digital, and analog. Now, they’re back with a new entry in their V Collection series that Sweetwater’s studio experts are happy to report has earned its spot. New, next-gen modeling technology has been implemented to rebuild hallmark instruments from scratch, as well as to introduce the MS-20 V and the SQ80 V in stunning detail. The V Collection 9 bundle also expands beyond the scope of synths, pianos, organs, and keyboards to include the Augmented-series Strings and Voices collections. Thousands of expertly crafted preset have been newly designed, including dedicated presets for each included instrument and 14 new sound banks, coalescing to deliver an instrument bundle that begs you to dive deep.

New to the series, Arturia brings you the SQ80 V, their iteration of the classic SQ80 that is faithfully captured in all its hybrid analog/digital glory. The original SQ80 was a go-to for legendary filmmaker/composer John Carpenter, who made great use of its onboard effects, pads, and analog-type sounds when composing the score for 1988’s They Live. Now, all 75 waveforms, unique LFO modulations, and so much more are available right in your home studio.

MS-20 V

The second newcomer to the fold is the MS-20 V, built off the hallmark MS-20 dual-oscillator/analog mono synth. Arturia has harnessed the full scope of the growling, low-end-friendly classic, used by the likes of Daft Punk, KMFDM, Aphex Twin, Jean-Michel Jarre, and so many more. Experience the full flexibility of the patchable connections, VCFs, and more — all from the controller of your choice.

Augmented Strings and Voices

Now that the V Collection offers more than just keys, it’s time you meet the Augmented series of instruments: Strings and Voices. A straightforward “Morph” function lets you freely blend multiple parameters into a hybrid sound as real or surreal as you can imagine. Augmented Strings and Voices bring a masterfully captured, multi-sample layering of acoustic double bass, cello, viola, and violin as well as powerful vocals, and then combines them with four state-of-the-art synth engines. Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, and Harmonic synthesis architectures offer sounds retro, futuristic, and everything in between, ambitiously fusing with the robust acoustic strings or powerful chorus arrangements in real time to create lush soundscapes that play up to and beyond the scope of the referent aural hues.

Prophet-5 V and Prophet-VS V redux

Arturia had previously bundled the Prophet-5 V and Prophet-VS V into a single hybrid instrument. Now, the V Collection 9 has divided them into two proper, individual instruments to deliver them in their most complete forms. Moreover, Arturia and their team of sound designers have worked to completely re-engineer these classic synths from the ground up, using state-of-the-art modeling to bring you the full force of the Prophet pair’s unique nuances and circuitry.

CS-80 V: rebuilt

Taking cues from the newly-developed technologies for the V Collection 9, Arturia engineers applied their expertise to the reevaluation of the CS-80 V. This blade-running powerhouse has been gifted a new sound engine, bolstered by rebuilt DSP modeling, bringing with it advanced modulation options, vocal dispersion, and an updated advanced panel. Dive deeper into the classic polysynth made famous by the likes of Vangelis, Rick Wakeman, Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Brian Eno, and countless others.

Piano V: rebuilt

Arturia’s sound design team didn’t just place their attention on V Collection’s synths. Innovative sound modeling has been applied to reconstructing the Piano V module, upgrading it into a new physical modeling instrument. This redux now features 12 piano models, including the Japanese Grand, the Piano Bar Upright, and more. All models are deeply explorable via Arturia’s advanced sonic design and spatialization tools.

And so much more…

These robust supplements to the V Collection series still deliver on everything from the previous V Collection: the Jun-6 V, OB-Xa V, Jup-8 V, Synthi V, Buchla Easel V, Mini V, Matrix-12 V, and the SEM V. Moreover, the V Collection 9 comes loaded with 14,000 presets, 14 exclusive sound banks, NKS compatibility, smart macro controls, and in-app tutorials. Plus, this is all paired with a host of performance updates and workflow improvements, making V Collection 9 an unbeatable one-stop shop for sound designers, aural architects, professional producers, and anyone looking to scratch their synth itch.

Arturia V Collection 9 Features:

  • 32 virtual instruments include keyboards, synths, pianos, strings, and voices, providing a powerhouse of 8,000+ sounds
  • Newly introduced Augmented Strings and Voices modules deliver new tools for unparalleled sound design, blending sample-based acoustic sound with state-of-the-art synth supplements
  • 4 new instruments include the Korg MS-20 V, SQ80 V, and Augmented Strings and Voices, broadening the horizon of musical possibilities
  • Prophet-5 V and Prophet-VS V have been separated into separate instruments and rebuilt from scratch to faithfully reproduce the full force of the classic synths
  • The CS-80 V has also been rebuilt with a new sound engine, retooled DSP modeling, advanced modulation, vocal dispersion, and more
  • Experience stunning, rich keys, thanks to a complete rebuild of the Piano V module, using a new physical modeling engine to portray 12 diverse pianos with advanced sound design controls
  • Previous synths return, with the Jun-6 V, OB-Xa V, Jup-8 V, Buchla Easel V, Mini V, Matrix-12 V, and the SEM V
  • Thousands of precision-engineered presets are offered across every instrument, perfect for any genre or playstyle, with 14 new sound banks
  • Performance and workflow have been re-engineered to improve loading times, refresh GUIs, expand user playlist functionality, and more
  • Works as a standalone tool, or alongside any major DAW in VST, AAX, or NKS formats on PC
  • Readily integrate MIDI to expand your playing potential

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