Audio Modeling – SWAM Solo Brass Bundle (Windows)

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  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • VST2, VST3, Standalone
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Overview of SWAM Solo Brass:

SWAM Solo Brass is a collection of solo wind instruments, conceived and developed by Stefano Lucato and the entire Audio Modeling team. These tools are based on physical modeling technology and do not use any samples.

The SWAM Solo Brass Collection includes fifteen instruments grouped into product families: SWAM Trumpets, SWAM Trombones, and SWAM Horns and Tubas. SWAM Solo Brass allows composers, musicians, and performers to play – both in the recording studio and during live performances – the most expressive and realistic virtual solo brass instruments ever conceived, thanks to real-time controllable virtual instruments with the same natural reactions, as their traditional counterparts.

Features of SWAM Solo Brass:

  • Characteristics: These digital virtual instruments, including bass tuba, tuba (Eb), euphonium, horn (F), and French horn (Bb), provide natural responses like their traditional counterparts.
  • For stage and studio work: SWAM technology allows real-time reproduction of articulations, modulating elements such as pipe length, breath pressure, and lip tension.
  • Play with real-time controls: You can control a wide range of parameters using MIDI controllers or your DAW, from expression to reverb mix.
Control the following parameters in real-time using MIDI controllers or your DAW:
  • Expression (dynamics).
  • Transitions from one note to another (staccato/legato/portamento) without switching keys.
  • Vibrato depth (from normal to shaking).
  • Vibrato speed.
  • Portamento time.
  • Growl.
  • Trembling tongue.
  • Breathing noise.
  • Dirty.
  • Sustain.
  • Volume adjustment (wah/hand).
  • Attack noise on the piano.
  • Attack tongue.
  • Reactivity.
  • Muting the sound.
  • Trumpet gesture.
  • Number of half valves.
  • Valves and slide position.
  • Dynamic pitch.
  • Micro-tuning.
  • Main volume.
  • Panorama control.
  • Reverb mix


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