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Aurora DSP – Plug-Ins Collection (Windows)





Brief description of the package (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
Rhino Powerful guitar plug-in ready to take on the challenge. From gentle, clean tones to the heaviest wall of sound that fills the entire mix. Rhino promotes a proven formula containing everything you need to achieve a wide range of guitar sounds in one plugin.
Mammoth Mammoth is a powerful yet intuitive bass plug-in with two-way signal processing that includes a bass maximizer, 3 drive types, tone stack, cabinet simulation and more. We designed Mammoth with simplicity and flexibility in mind. It is created for artists, producers and engineers.
Mr. Hector v1.1The craftsmanship of hardware amplifiers meets the versatility of DSPs. And it all starts with Mr. Hector, Laboga’s famous and beloved boutique amplifier. Digital recreation. Brought to perfection. Every detail is profiled for precise, familiar sound.
EQ510 v1.0.0 510EQ is a lightweight plug-in modeled after the famous American EQ that consists of 500 modules amplified with a vintage output transformer for smooth transition and color.


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