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Chris Hein – OCTA

Introducing the MEGA STRUCTURE Series

A New Dimension Of Virtual Instruments



CH-OCTA is the first instrument of the new MEGA STRUCTURE series.

OCTA is a musical workhorse that offers truly versatile solo or 8 channel musical instruments, effortless to be inspired by.

MEGA STRUCTURE is the technical concept behind the instruments chameleon nature

whereby it can be a solo instrument or an 8 instrument ensemble prism of sonic delight!

– 100 high quality solo instruments

– 8 core multi channel instruments

– 8 channel sequencer

However as detailed as its programability is the real jewel of this instrument lies in the uncanny way it encourages you to improvise wether composing underscore or main theme- after all music composition is all about improvisation!

By all means read through all the technical aspects of OCTAs functionality but we encourage you initially to get noodling on your keyboard to tap into its wondrous lyrical nature and discover its secret gems as you go!

CH-OCTA works with the free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt.”


100 Instruments

64 acoustic instruments

32 carefully selected synths

4 percussion sets with 1500 samples

CH-OCTA contains

100 exquisitely sampled instruments.

In this huge list, you’ll find rare instruments like the „Hohner Guitarette“, „Wine Glasses“ or the unique „MyTube“, hand crafted personally by Chris Hein out of Plastic Tubes.

Most instruments have an extrem tone- and dynamic range, played with various Sticks and Mallets with up to 24 dynamic layers

Explore allSolo Instruments


8-Channel Multi Instruments

Placing up to 8 core instruments into their respective channels brings you into richer realms of both notational and sonic possibilities. Create anything from the most delicate, unusually blended acoustic instruments to tapestries of flying harmonies wind swept through the panoramic field under sky-scaping legato strings or deep sea droning mass. OCTA is like an amethyst stone glinting with prisms of light that reveal ever richer rainbows of colour the deeper you look into it!

8 channel mixer with individual sound source browser per channel with many presets for each instrument.

  Unique controls per channel:

– Chord Type

– Transpose

– Tune

– Playing Type

– Individual audio outputs

– Individual Keyrange per channel

  with fade in- and out

– Envelope

– Velocity dynamic controls

– Keyswitches to switch between different channel configurations


Comprehensive 8-Core Sequenzer

The heart of OCTA is its built in sequencer.

Just play anything from a a single note to massive chords, the sequencer will always follow your chords and tempo with perfect results.

Here is where you can get as complex as you wish combining the power of the channel strip parameters and effects with this highly programable rhythmic tool. However as complex as it may look it is actually extremely intuitive to use after a iust a few minutes perusing!


Audio Demos

ChrisHein · Chris Hein – OCTA

See Chacka Khan’s keyboarder playing „MyTube“,

 a unique instrument built by Chris Hein,

mixed with other sound sources and drums from CH-OCTA


Technical Walkthrough

Click here to see the complete manual


Also included in OCTA are 8 instruments from the „Chris Hein – EASY series“

Each of the EASY instrument contains 16 acoustic instruments, each with a variety of sub presets along with a clean and simple interface holding only the most important edit features.


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