BLEASS Essential FX Bundle 2023 (Windows)

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System Requirements


  • Windows 8 and later (64-bit)
  • VST3


Chorus v1.4.5
Delay v1.4.2
Filter v1.1.0
Flanger v1.1.2
Phaser v1.1.2
Reverb v1.4.2
Shimmer v1.4.3


Stereo Image Widener Effect

From subtle classic chorus effects to crazy textures, BLEASS Chorus brings stunning stereo modulations to any sound and allows wide creative freedom for sound design.

BLEASS Chorus is a two-stage chorus effect that offers full control of the stereo image as well as a large range of effects, from subtle stereo wideners to crazy texture generators which you can visualize thanks to a dedicated oscilloscope with a very low CPU usage.


Multi-purpose Delay / Echo / Frequency Shifter

BLEASS delay transforms your sounds into cinematic and experimental sonic experiences! It is constantly creating flux in the audio signal making your music even more lively.

BLEASS delay is also ideal for making track build-ups and transitions.


  • Delay Line with Sync and Ping Pong Stereo options
  • Frequency Shifter in the feedback stage for creating harmonic flux
  • Two Filters (Low Pass / High Pass with resonance) for creating warm analogue Echo effects
  • Each stage has its own LFO with Stereo Phase to create even wider space movements.

BLEASS Flanger

Extensive Sonic Flanging

BLEASS Flanger is a comprehensive flanging effect with a wide range of sonic possibilities thanks to 2 LFOS, 3 Stages of modulation, and beat synchronization.

BLEASS Flanger is a rich-sounding flanging effect offering a wide range of synchronized modulations that colors sound in a novel and unique way thanks to its complex algorithmic combinations.


All-Around Phasing Effect

All-encompassing phasing effect with a vast array of sonic possibilities, from resonant swirls to stunning atmospheric stereo sounds.

BLEASS Phaser is an all-encompassing phasing effect that offers a vast array of sonic possibilities, from resonant swirls to stunning atmospheric stereo sounds.


Dynamic Reverb with Frequency Shifter

BLEASS Reverb is a unique audio unit effect with filters, freeze toggle button, frequency shifter/waveshaper X/Y panel, and side-chained compressor for duck effect!

BLEASS Reverb is a unique sounding plugin effect bringing your music production and live performances towards new soundscapes!

The BLEASS Reverb is composed of 3 different stages:

Input Stage – A first stage modifies the input source by correcting the gain and setting up early reflections pre-delay in order to re-create distant walls.

Reverb Stage – The second stage offers a unique-sounding reverb with size modulation and length controls. It also contains a high-frequency damping control in order to re-create plate reverb effects, as well as a freeze toggle button for infinite sound soaring and exploration.

Ducker Stage  The third stage offers a duck effect made of a compressor side-chained on the dry input in order to bring clarity to heavy kicks and basses


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