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  • VST2, VST3,  AAX 
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The Ultimate Plugin For Modern Mixes and Infinite Inspiration

With power-packed upgrades like Audio Triggering, Sidechain View in VolumeShaper, and the new LiquidShaper flanger/phaser, ShaperBox 3 is the go-to plugin for inspiration, musical motion, and mixing magic.

Each of ShaperBox’s nine powerful multiband effects – Volume, Time, Drive, Filter, Crush Noise, Pan, Width, and the new Liquid – is a blank canvas for your creativity. Just add a Shaper and draw any wave shape you can imagine to control the effect, all with a simple visual interface that makes producing fast and fun.

With Cableguys’ easiest-ever LFO editing, you can intuitively design fluid sweeps, angled lines, or stepped patterns. Unlock a world of rhythmic exploration and precision production in just a few clicks. Make your music move with effects patterns that sync to your song – or trigger them in any rhythm with MIDI and new Audio Triggering.

Use ShaperBox to turn bland melodies into unique variations. Cook up fresh ear candy from even the most basic samples. Warp the fabric of time with half-speed slow-downs, glitches, stutters, and scratches. Sidechain with total flexibility across three frequency bands. Warp, distort, bit crush, filter, pan, flange, widen, add noise… And so much more. It’s the ultimate plugin for modern mixes and infinite inspiration.

What is ShaperBox?

ShaperBox is your go-to tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical motion, and mixing magic.

Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects come together in one easy, modern interface.

Break Out Of The Loop

No more waiting for inspiration to strike! Create endless variations on any sound with a browser that makes it easy to find the presets you need. Chop, glitch, stutter, warp, enhance and much more.


Make Your Music Move

Bring out the emotion in your songs with easy drawable LFO waveforms, reactive envelope followers and new audio triggering. Create rhythmic effects that react to your music – or stamp a whole new groove on it.

Solve Complex Mix Problems

Sculpt your sound in incredible detail with 3-band multiband for every effect. Apply focused enhancement – or erase problem elements of your mix. It’s complex mixing made easy.

New for ShaperBox 3

Audio Triggering

Just switch on the new Audio mode and the LFO restarts with each transient. Now ShaperBox is a powerful transient editor and rhythm-tracking creative effect! Redraw the envelope of any sound to shape dynamics, saturate attack, filter the sustain, and more. Or get creative: trigger tape-stops, filter patterns, noise sequences and more from the natural rhythm of drums, melodies, basslines, real instruments – even full mixes! Go deep with full access to triggering parameters and 3 unique algorithms: Drums, General and Complex.

External Sidechain Input

Want to duck your bass with VolumeShaper, but the kick isn’t 4×4? No problem! Audio Triggering follows any kick rhythm – just turn on the External Sidechain Input. And it’s not only for kicks and sidechain ducking. How about triggering a bitcrushing pattern on your synth every time the snare hits? ShaperBox 3 makes it all possible.

Sidechain View

See your kick drum overlaid on the bassline with VolumeShaper’s new Show External Sidechain feature. Draw the perfect ducking curve to match the contour of your kick, and lock your lows together like never before.


Dive deep into sound design! LiquidShaper gives you wild jet-plane flanging and deep, lush phasing in one Shaper. Custom LFO shapes take you far beyond the traditional. Modulate Centre and Feedback independently across 3 frequency bands. Create gentle stereo modulations… or monstrous robotic comb filter FX!

Easiest Ever Editing

Cableguys’ best-in-class waveform drawing is now even easier, with a more powerful pointer tool that puts all key functions under simple left-click operation. Add angled breakpoints, bend any section into an endlessly flexible curve, make selections and manipulate them, and more. It’s easy, fast and fun.

New Browser

No more waiting for inspiration to strike! ShaperBox 3’s slick new browser makes it easy to find the presets you need, with clear categorisation and fast filtering. Amazing variations for any sound are just clicks away – discover rhythmic chops, groovy fills, motion-packed sweeps, and more.

Compressor Unchained

The multiband Compressor in ShaperBox is now a separate tool that you can insert anywhere in the Shaper chain. Bring even the most complex Shaper chains under dynamic control – or blow them apart with extreme pumping compression.

Improved Mix / Bypass

An improved Master Mix algorithm now gives powerful FX blends that morph smoothly from dry to wet, with no multiband phasing artefacts. And a new master Bypass button gives click-free switching to the original dry signal.

Analogue-like Envelopes Envelope

Followers feature improved Adaptive Release mode, for an even juicier analogue-like response. Get filtering, distortion, noise and more that tightly hug the dynamic contours of beats, basslines – anything – for kinetic, magnetic FX.

Also Included

  • VolumeShaper: Lookahead pre-smoothing for click-free MIDI/Audio sidechaining
  • LiquidShaper: Positive/negative feedback mode for rich and hollow timbres
  • LiquidShaper: 4, 8, 12 or 16 stages of phasing for lush resonance
  • CrushShaper: Dynamic Treble control for compensating harshness
  • TimeShaper: Time offset display for easier visualization
  • Redesigned interface with larger editing areas


Nine Shaper Effects

Time, Drive, Noise, Liquid, Filter, Crush, Volume, Pan and Width Shapers come together in ShaperBox 3.

Experience analogue-like filters, timewarped stutters, multiband distortion, future phaser/flanger FX, punchy compression, super-tight sidechain ducking, mid-side expansion, dynamic noise layering, lo-fi bitcrushing, and much more.

All in one CPU-efficient plugin.

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