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Cradle The God Particle (Windows)


System Requirements

Windows 10,11 (64bit)
Intel Core i5 or better


What’s new

Official changes since The God Particle v1.0.2:
(The God Particle v1.2.2)

• Lower CPU usage when bypassing the character module.
• Minor GUI size/spacing improvements.
• Added resampling options (1x, 2x, 4x and 8x).
• Added rms or short-term LUFS input/output measurement.
• Added animation on/off switch.
(The God Particle v1.1.1)
• Built-in support for Apple Silicon computers has been added.
• The fixed back key does not start saving the preset after entering a name.
(The God Particle v1.0.2)
• Fixed missing sound in Steinberg Wavelab.
• Fixed login failure if Mac hardware was modified.

add mass to your mix

Jaycen and our team at Cradle spent three years refining every detail of The God Particle — from harmonic algorithms to UI functionality, no stone was left unturned in our pursuit.

With the mission to completely replace every aspect of Jaycen’s analog workflow, hundreds of hours were spent in the research and development phase of creating The God Particle.

Together, we not only emulated these processes but improved on them too.


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