Klevgrand – Tomofon Synthesizer (Windows)

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Lifetime Activation/Full Version 
  • Instant Download
  • VST, VST3 
In Stock


One of our favorite plug-in developers here at Sweetwater has done it again. Klevgrand’s Tomofon Synthesizer plug-in offers users a world of unique sound capabilities and control that can morph audio files into out-of-this-world sonic explosions or craft new and unique sounds within the engine itself. Not to be confused with a sampler, Tomofon is a musical instrument in itself that uses “Audio Model” formats to generate sound. These Audio Models can then morph harmoniously with layers and sections of real audio waves. Users can also take advantage of several LFOs, monophonic or polyphonic playback, and post effects like reverb, delay, and EQ. What’s more, Klevgrand’s Tomofon comes equipped with 124 Audio Models and 180 presets to get you started on the road to adding unprecedented dimensions to your music.

It’s all about the oscillation

Tomofon works by converting audio files into sets of oscillating waves that then get mapped into specific pitch zones. With this unique process, the synth engine can quickly and easily morph between layers and zones — that’s because pitch zones are populated with waves instead of with ordinary samples. This way, the transitions from zones to layers happen seamlessly and with continuity. All of this compiles into what is known as the Audio Model — the structure that contains organized wavetables. Through the Audio Model, Tomofon derives its unique sound, dynamic properties, and astonishing malleability.

Import and share

Users will quickly find that Tomofon offers unique sonic capabilities not found in many other synthesizer plug-ins. For instance, users can import their own audio files (monophonic translates best) either automatically or manually to create unique and new Audio Models. An automatic import usually denotes a simple one-click process, while manually importing means users can have complete control over what waves end up in what pitch zones. Lastly, you can easily share your Audio Model creations.

Klevgrand Tomofon Synthesizer Plug-in Features:

  • A unique synthesizer plug-in that traverses sound from ordinary to out of this world
  • A musical instrument in its own right, not a sampler
  • The audio Model format takes generated sounds and morphs them into real audio waves
  • Users can experiment with multi-layering
  • Converts audio files into a large set of oscillating waves then translates these to pitch zones
  • 124 instruments (Audio Models) and 180 presets to get you started right away
  • Users can import their own audio files either automatically or manually
  • Editable pitch and layer depth envelopes
  • Several LFOs, modulation matrix, polyphonic or monophonic playing capabilities
  • Up to 4 doubling voices
  • Post reverb, delay, and EQ to polish off your sound


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