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LiquidSonics – Seventh Heaven Professional (Windows)

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Developer : LiquidSonics Developer
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured
System Requirements : Windows

Seventh Heaven Professional is a Fusion-Reverb IR designed to reproduce the most sought after hardware reverb instrument of the generation, the Bricasti M7. It combines the realism of Fusion-IR with the extensive multisampling of legendary hardware reverbs.
Heaven Professional’s advanced digital signal processing techniques are intertwined with controls that faithfully mirror those of the M7, presenting the freedom of algorithmic reverb with the breathtaking clarity and fidelity of Fusion-IR reverb.
Production techniques that were previously impossible using convolutional reverb can be easily implemented. It allows the musician to change reverb early reflection patterns, decay times, delays, and the tone of the decay filters, just like thousands of top producers do on real M7 hardware. All this in a beautiful, modern and easily accessible GUI.

32 reviews for LiquidSonics – Seventh Heaven Professional (Windows)

  1. Justine Belanger (verified owner)

    Very good and steady fast I love this

  2. Shayna Jansen (verified owner)

    Penghantaran yg sgt cargas . dan customer support bg detail cara2 nak download . recommended

  3. Melodee Brandon (verified owner)

    Super recommend it!love it i have a much better quality now

  4. Anjanette Epperson (verified owner)

    clear instructions,work well overall its good…

  5. Contessa Low (verified owner)


  6. Shaunna Galindo (verified owner)


  7. Kasha Oconner (verified owner)

    I got what i was promised.

  8. Leandra Lavoie (verified owner)

    Good service Thumbs up!!

  9. Contessa Low (verified owner)


  10. Lynnette Chavarria (verified owner)

    Very nice veraity of product to learn with.Got everything that I expected. Great product

  11. Dionne Laws (verified owner)

    Recommended Plugins Forest

  12. Isidro Dobbins (verified owner)

    The product is very good. I use almost everything in it on a regular basis.

  13. Meridith Davison (verified owner)

    Plugins Forest is really helpful. Trusted and will recommend to others. And will buy others software from here too

  14. Chandra Otero (verified owner)

    Good. Send with tutorials and work with my pc.

  15. Berneice Styles (verified owner)


  16. Janett Cyr (verified owner)

    Great Services,very friendly and trusted.If I can give him…Will be 10 Star.★★★★★★★★★★

  17. Saturnina Singh (verified owner)

    Quite Easy to Install, but if you have a hard time to install?Just ask customer support in the chat, He is gonna give you some guide and tricks that makes your work much easier,Overall Great service!The price are reasonable enough for its quality and services and Recommended to everyone who wants to buy!

  18. Antonietta Bassett (verified owner)

    Super fast response🚚🚚Reasonable price to purchase!

  19. Nicolle Huffman (verified owner)

    Trusted and working fine! I’m really happy with this purchase

  20. Alphonso Ridley (verified owner)

    I feel like I just took my production to the next level. No Lie! I honestly can’t say how glad I am to have this product. Works perfectly

  21. Hui Sanford (verified owner)

    It’s Midnight Plugins Forest also help me to solve the installation problem. The Plugins Forest is very good and the people are also very helpful to help me to install when got problem 100% works! and 100% recommend!!

  22. Hedy Cobbs (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality Amazing stuff I like it

  23. Gisela Aviles (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness! My production to the next level

  24. Ethyl Stapleton (verified owner)

    Thank you … really easy to install the software… they will also help you with your problems… don’t hesitate to contact them…

  25. Maisie Asher (verified owner)

    Recommended 💯💯💯❗ 10 stars

  26. Vernon Tapp (verified owner)


  27. Kimbra Almond (verified owner)

    Delivery superb laju cepat sangat ni, kenapa laju sangat? dah la laju, bagus pula tu, pastu terbaik pula tu, nice

  28. Charline Sumpter (verified owner)


  29. Annabell Champion (verified owner)

    very quick service, even in the middle of the night!Thank you so much….

  30. Kathryne Sommer (verified owner)

    professional and recommend to anyone who looking for it. Recommend the Install Service as installing could be challenging.

  31. Karan Lipscomb (verified owner)

    Mmg function 100%..Plugins Forest pun pantas jalan keje lpas dpt payment.

  32. Shaunna Galindo (verified owner)

    Sale yang terbaik sound yang mantap

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