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LiquidSonics – Seventh Heaven Professional (Windows)



Developer : LiquidSonics Developer
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured
System Requirements : Windows

Seventh Heaven Professional is a Fusion-Reverb IR designed to reproduce the most sought after hardware reverb instrument of the generation, the Bricasti M7. It combines the realism of Fusion-IR with the extensive multisampling of legendary hardware reverbs.
Heaven Professional’s advanced digital signal processing techniques are intertwined with controls that faithfully mirror those of the M7, presenting the freedom of algorithmic reverb with the breathtaking clarity and fidelity of Fusion-IR reverb.
Production techniques that were previously impossible using convolutional reverb can be easily implemented. It allows the musician to change reverb early reflection patterns, decay times, delays, and the tone of the decay filters, just like thousands of top producers do on real M7 hardware. All this in a beautiful, modern and easily accessible GUI.


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