Orchestral Tools – Symphonic Sphere

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Symphonic Sphere

The industry’s first-ever trills orchestrator.

SYMPHONIC SPHERE is an orchestral sample library devoted to symphonic sparks and shimmering articulations; such as fingered tremolos, various trill styles (sul ponticello, harmonics, sforzando, etc.), harp beds, and glasses.

Symphonic Sphere’s library includes violins, violas, cellos, and woodwind ensembles.

Simply play a chord on the keyboard and the Trills Orchestrator will create trills between the individual notes – without the need for key switches. (For instance, if you play C, E, and G, the instrument will trill between C and E and between E and G).

SYMPHONIC SPHERE - Harmonics/Loose/WWs


Sweep samples (short/fast) that have never been recorded before.



Performed by the same musicians as our first release Orchestral String Runs and recorded at the same scoring stage, this expansive and innovative collection of playable articulations will allow your orchestrations to soar and shine.

We sampled all the strings of the concert harp in all pitches. This means that playable, realistic glissandos (pentatonic, etc.) are now possible.


  • 16 Violins
  • 10 Violas
  • 8 Celli
  • 6 Basses
  • Woodwind Ensemble (Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets)
  • Symphonic Harp
  • Orchestral Percussion


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