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  • Windows 10, 11 (64Bit Only)
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  • VST3, AAX
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The Ultimate Construction Kit

The ultimate snare construction kit has arrived. Created by multi-award-winning artist Davide Carbone, DC Snares is designed to simplify your workflow and add serious impact to your productions. Whether you are exploring hundreds of custom-made onboard sounds, experimenting with the purpose-built synth engine, in-built randomizer or simply layering your samples, this efficient plugin makes creating powerful snares easier and more intuitive than ever.

And for when you want to be able to shape and mangle your snares, DC Snares has you covered. Explore powerful pitch and amp envelopes with waveform displays that respond in real-time, a bespoke snare-oriented rearrangeable effect chain, including modules such as the ‘Sizzler’, ‘Transient Shaper’, and ‘Resonator’, as well as a four-slot sample layering system offering endless possibilities.

Perform your snares using the internal sequencer engine, designed to make playing and programming snare rolls intuitive and fun. Perform pitch-able triplet rolls or straight divisions. Or just play your snares chromatically.
DC Snares is just as useful at making kicks, bass, hats, rims, claps and provides all the percussive power you need for your next track.

What Can DC Snares Be Used For?

  • Beat Creation: Create unique beats and percussive sounds to suit any genre, from hip-hop, trap, and D&B, to EDM, rock, and pop.
  • Sound Design and Audio Production: Artists and sound designers can craft custom percussive sounds, effects, and textures that can be used across film scores, video games, commercials, and podcasts.
  • Layering and Enhancement: Enhance any drum track by creating unique percussive elements to add complexity and depth to your music.
  • Live Performance: Musicians can integrate DC Snares into their live setup, triggering and manipulating percussive sounds in real-time during performances.
  • Create unique samples tailored to you: Seamlessly generate a library of samples crafted by you, ready to be used in future projects or added to your bank of original sounds.


DC’s Snare Production Method Made Easy  

Drum and bass producers have become familiar with David Carbone’s revolutionary Drum and Bass Masterclass pack; calls up sounds quickly, accentuates the rattle and wires of a snare, combines live and electronic sources, and adds a huge reverb with a gate. Now these methods and tools used by DC are combined into a refined workflow and dedicated plugin, creating the freedom to make unique snares for any genre.

Not Just any Randomiser  

Algorithmically human Randomiser also auto-generates a name based on content. Create bespoke snares, hits, and soundscapes with endless permutations – in an instant.

Four Customisable Sound Slots  

Four customizable sound slots allow you to select from the 684 internal samples, drag and drop your samples, load up a synth engine, or auto-populate with the randomizer to layer sounds. Each sound slot has its own adjustable amp and pitch envelope, inviting producers to further customize their sounds.

Pitch and Amp Envelopes with Real Time Display  

Quickly reshape your sounds by altering the pitch or adjusting your audio envelopes, and see the waveform update in real time both for each sound slot, as well as overall.  The waveform display updates in real-time when adding or adjusting the internal FX, allowing for complete visual control of your snare experimentation.

Twelve Proprietary Insert and Master FX Slots  

The custom-made FX is a big part of what makes DC Snares unique, replicating a typical FX chain used by Davide Carbone in his design process. The ‘Sizzler’ is a world first that replicates how a room responds to the rattle of a snare, while the ‘Resonator’ and  ‘Transient Shaper’ are specifically made to suit snare creation. Any of these effects can be easily reordered for maximum impact.

Playable Performance Engine  

DC Snares thrives as a live instrument. Utilizing a MIDI controller or the internal keyboard, pitch snares up or down, and create powerful rolls using note divisions.

Assignable Modulation Envelopes  

Four mappable envelopes and hundreds of parameters ensure total flexibility and endless possibilities within your sound design.


About the Artist  

Listed as one of the seven most influential Australian music producers of all time by Mixdown Magazine, Davide Carbone is a major creative force in music composition and sound design. he has previously collaborated with a diverse range of artists from Carl Cox to Kylie Minogue, and Gilles Peterson to Sting and his work has seen him nominated for several awards, including an ARIA, BAFTA and APRA Screen Music Award. His work on software titles such as Scaler and Scaler EQ has seen him shaping the way that many modern producers make music.


  • 684 internal sounds, each created by Davide Carbone and taken from his archive of classic drum machines and sonic layers, spanning his whole career, including Acoustic, Electronic, Classic, Chops, Layers, Cinematic, Rims, Cymbals World, and Orchestral categories
  • Hundreds of main presets showcasing the power of DC Snares including Simple,  Electronic, Bass, Booms & Baps, Sound Design, Acoustic, and Cinematic categories
  • 4 Flexible sound slots
  • 4 Pitch and amp envelopes with adjustable start and end points and reverse
  • Randomiser creates an infinite amount of usable snares with one click
  • Simple and Advanced modes for quick editing or deep customization
  • 12 Bespoke insert and master FX including Sizzler, Resonator, Transient, Saturator, Gate, Compressor, Limiter and EQ
  • Real-time waveform displays update instantly with any adjustment you make
  • 6 Insert FX per sound slot and 4 master FX chains you can insert, reorder, and bypass
  • 2 Bus FX and 2 master sends for Reverb and Delay
  • Play and perform pitch-able, division-based snare rolls
  • 4 Assignable modulation envelopes
  • Output limiter and adjustable gain controls


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