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Polydigm Software – Klimper 2 (Windows)



Runs on Windows 8.1, 10, and 11.
64-Bit  CPU


Find Inspiring Musical Moments

Explore chords and try them out back to back to find combinations that resonate with you.
Need more variety? Extended and special chords are right there as well – not buried in submenus or dialogs.
Spice up your progressions by borrowing chords from other keys and modes. Simply drag and drop to lay the harmonic foundation for your track.

Build up whole Tracks effortlessly

Klimper’s piano roll shows the harmonic layers of your track so you can immediately write exciting basslines and countermelodies as well as lead melodies – without ever getting lost in 12-tone nirvana.

Use it with your DAW

Klimper 2 is a VST3 is so it integrates seamlessly with your workflow.
Audition your chords and melodies live through your favourite software instruments.
Drag and Drop your chords, melodies, basslines etc. directly to the timeline of your favourite DAW and jump into arranging instantly!


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