Samplitude Pro X8 Suite (Windows)

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  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • VST2, VST3, and Standalone host.
  • Hardware Requirements – PC: Intel Core i5 / AMD multi-core or higher, 8GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – PC: Windows 10,11 (64-bit Only)
In Stock
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Samplitude Pro X8 provides recording and mixing engineers with practical functions that revolutionize the standard DAW workflow. Edit in real time, during recording. Apply effects in a custom manner to individual clips. Visualize volume, frequency, and phase information for selected tracks. Discover new search functions, expanded automation, flexible editors, and the right orientation for every step of your project. Hybrid power in a bundle – only in Samplitude Pro X8 Suite. This includes SOUND FORGE Pro, the latest Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro, two new iZotope Elements, and additional powerful instruments.

RECORDING Samplitude works using full bit transparency for absolute sound neutrality. The consistent use of floating point calculations ensures that your sound retains its character, even after extensive digital processing. The result – is transparency, neutrality, retention of transients, and spatiality.

Edit objects in the arranger In addition to standard options for track-related editing, Samplitude also features object-based editing options. Set fades with customized curves, decrease or increase volume using the mouse, and trim or stretch sections. For detailed editing options, you can double-click to open the object editor to discover even more possibilities for modifying your sound.

Virtual effects for individual files: Object editor Focus on the object level and integrate individual clips in the mix. This way, you don’t need to create new tracks for short sections that are in projects with complex arrangements and longer duration. Apply effects or route objects to AUX and Surround buses. From fades to effects and pitch editing, all edits you make are non-destructive and are calculated during playback. So there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

Precise crossfade editing The crossfade editor has been completely redesigned and now features an impressively efficient and modern design. It provides you with an optimal overview of all essential parameters, which you can access even faster through snapshots. You can also benefit from the new audio object view, which can be edited directly in the editor.

MUSIC PRODUCTION Take your creativity to a whole new level – with practical aids for composition, plus a huge range of tools for creating and modulating sound. Extensive options for producing scores and MIDI editing as well as numerous virtual instruments: There’s plenty here to inspire your productions.

Virtual instruments in Samplitude Pro X8 Samplitude Pro X8 include a huge range of modern and classic software instruments that can be used to add professional touches to your recordings and offer exciting new creative possibilities. Produce music with groove boxes, synthesizers, and authentic sampler instruments from a variety of countries and eras.

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