Sound Particles SkyDust 3D (Windows)

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System Requirements: 

  • Windows 10,11 
  • Instant Download 
  • Lifetime Activation 
  • Full Version
  • VST3, AAX (64Bit Only)
In Stock


Imagine a Sequencer where you can pan each step note in 3D space… 3D arpeggios for everyone. SkyDust
3D is able to output audio in multiple multichannel formats, from 5.1 to 9.1.6, perfect for your Dolby Atmos
music. No immersive studio? Don’t worry, use the synth with 3D sound over Headphones, using our Binaural
engine. Do you use Ambisonics? Great, because SkyDust 3D supports up to 6th-order Ambisonics.

Sound Particles SkyDust 3D 

Spatial: Fully integrated 3D engine
Multiple oscillators and wave modifiers
Arpeggiator and Sequencer
FM: Modern FM synthesis

Subtractive synthesis, with independent filters
Mixer and audio effects
Envelope Generators and LFOs


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