Twisted Breakss (Sample Packs)

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‘Twisted Breaks’ by LP24 is an extensive collection of drum and percussion samples with a completely modern twist. Are you ready to march to a different drummer?

‘Twisted Breaks’ includes 277 loops and 625 one-shot samples from both vintage and modern sources. All sounds have been expertly sourced and sculpted into sonic perfection to create exactly what you want – instant rhythmic inspiration.
From layered wonky beats to tight and technical slices, from dusty vinyl to refined sonics, ‘Twisted Breaks’ delivers a diverse pallet to bring to life any music production, regardless of genre.
All drum and percussion loops come in layered, fully mixed forms. Included are a wide variety of rhythmic feels from futuristic, experimental and psychedelic beats to the more classic, nuanced, tried and true stylings.
LP24 delivers an imaginative collection that is not only inspiring, but easy to use for your method of music creation. It features tempos at 64, 75, 87 and 89 BPM which is ideal for the most modern beat making styles. Alternatively, completely construct your own using the immense selection of 625 one-shots.
Further, ‘Twisted Breaks’ features 31 synth loops and 274 synth one-shots for an easy grab and go selection of pitched material.
Check out the demo to hear the possibilities.
Product Details:
• 152 Full Drum Loops
• 94 Top & Percussion Loops
• 31 Synth Loops
• 351 Drum One-Shots
• 274 Synth One-Shots


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