Zynaptiq – PITCHMAP COLORS (Windows)

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System Requirements: 

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Lifetime Activation 
  • Instant Download 
  • Future Free Updates 
  • VST, VST3, AAX
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Match your sound to the tonality and scale of your composition, add color to basses and synths,
transform atonal elements into gorgeous, resonating harmonic textures with unprecedented ease , quality and pleasure.

Developed in collaboration with producer Au5, PITCHMAP::COLORS combines our popular pitch mapping technology with additional transformation features and a user interface optimized for creative sound design and real-time production. Bring color to your sound now!


  • GIVE YOUR SOUND COLOR: Like its popular brother PITCHMAP, PITCHMAP COLORS quickly and easily brings any sound into the desired key. However, it does have a distinct electronic flavor intended for sound design. With one click, you can switch between natural SICK mode, gorgeous resonant NSANE, and mesmerizingly electric.
  • MAP THOSE PITCHES: PITCHMAP COLORS works by dividing the input sound into individual sounds according to their pitch, then shifting each one up or down to match a pitch grid. This grid is easily customizable using the UI keyboard or MIDI keyboard – simply play the chords you want to change the key of your sound. Turn major into minor, A minor into F major, or turn bass and noise into harmonic content… it’s just magic!
  • SOUND CUSTOMIZATION: PITCHMAP COLORS goes far beyond simple pitch mapping. In addition to switching the pitch mapping algorithm between three types, the plugin also includes scale shift, advanced formant processing, and transient bypass, as well as high- and low-pass filters. Create unheard-of harmonic processing in seconds!
  • SCALE SHIFT: The new SCALE SHIFT option makes it easier than ever to navigate the pitch grid. With a single MIDI-controlled parameter, you can find the sweet spot within a scale or automate SCALE SHIFT as a new arrangement technique.
  • FORMANT SHIFTING AND GAMMA: PITCHMAP COLORS features a powerful formant shifter, allowing you to change the perceived size of the sound and make large pitch shifts more natural. The two-octave range covers everything from huge demon voices to hyperactive chipmunks, and the 0.01 semitone resolution ensures smooth automation. The Formant Shifter features a unique FORMANT GAMMA function that exaggerates the peaks and valleys of formants. The effect is truly amazing and hard to describe in words… think of it as a complex self-modulating filter-oid that creates distant, organic-sounding mutations that add movement and alienness to your mix.
  • TRANSIENT BYPASS: More extreme sound modes can smooth out transients, but sometimes you want to get that sound while still retaining the detail of the transients. Simply dial in the number of transients you want to take out of the pitch mapping and then mix back in and boost beyond the original level with just one knob!


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