Arturia – Analog Lab V Pro (Windows)

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System Requirements: 

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Instant Download 
  • Lifetime Activation
  • Future Free Updates
  • VST, VST3, AAX and Standalone
In Stock


A Treasure Trove of Keyboard Sounds

When you want great sounds and you want them fast, Arturia’s Analog Lab V delivers exactly what you need. This arsenal of hot keyboard sounds includes 2,000 pro-level presets and patches culled from the company’s award-winning V Collection. You also get intelligent browsing, dead-simple mixing and layering, and a redesigned, easy-to-navigate interface. Performing keyboardists, sound designers, and vintage keys enthusiasts alike will all find something to love about this version of Analog Lab — it’s a treasure trove of awesome-sounding, meticulously modeled instruments. What’s more, its outstanding features make it fast, easy, and fun to use. From classic to cutting edge, Analog Lab V is a collection brimming with sonic textures that are guaranteed to elevate your craft.

Inspire your creativity

When you’re onstage in the heat of a live set, the last thing you need is a confusing mishmash of knobs, faders, patch cables, and drop-down menus. Analog Lab V doesn’t have any of that. What this elegant software design offers is a streamlined interface, uncluttered and intuitive, that gives you access to any sound you need, right when you need it — no guesswork involved. Browsing for sounds is easy; key parameters are mapped to a straightforward selection of controls. Arturia analyzed the way musicians actually use software instruments, and they created Analog Lab V to inspire your creativity — not muddy it.

Intuitive Preset Explorer

If you think that finding the right sounds from a cast of thousands might be tedious, think again. Analog Lab V is designed to work hand-in-hand with your creative process, and it can be personalized to fit your workflow like a glove. The Preset Explorer is your portal to discovery. With every preset tagged and categorized — with descriptions and unique titles — you can search using any term or select the exact phrases you want. Analog Lab V’s built-in artificial intelligence will even identify sounds similar to your current preset.

Easy for novices and powerful for pros

Analog Lab V is approachable and fun for beginners, but it also has a huge depth for professionals to explore. Studio view enables you to add effects and combine two instruments. In Multi mode, you can combine sounds you love into a dynamic Multi patch, mix levels and add studio-quality effects, and set split points to play multiple sounds at once. Four Macro controls on all sounds enable instant sound creation. If you own Arturia V Collection, you can also open up presets in their dedicated instrument to have full access to all of its controls and parameters. Or, you can simply play. That’s the allure of Analog Lab V.

Hit the stage with confidence

Analog Lab V’s Concert mode and Stage view let you organize your sets and sounds so you can quickly and easily deploy its legendary synths and keyboards in live performance. For even more synergy, this amazing software instrument also features super-tight integration with Arturia controller keyboards, as well as seamless compatibility with other brands. At Sweetwater, we’ve found Analog Lab V to be a first-class stage companion.

It’s extensible

Analog Lab V also gives you access to the Arturia Sound Store, which lets you browse a massive library of free and premium sound banks and add them to your collection. In the Sound Store, you’ll find a selection of genre-specific sound sets, expansions for specific instruments, Tribute banks that put the sounds of famous artists at your fingertips, and Signature banks created by your favorite musicians.

Arturia Analog Lab V Features:

  • Over 2,000 sounds from top sound designers
  • Updated with V Collection presets, including ARP 2600 V, B-3 V, CS-80 V, CZ V, Farfisa V, Jun-6 V, Jup-8 V, Matrix-12 V, Mellotron V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, Synclavier V, Synthi V, Piano V, Vox Continental V, Wurli V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, DX7 V, and CMI V
  • Updated browser to find your sounds quickly
  • Studio view for adding effects and combining instruments
  • Multi mode for creating your own layers splits, and adding effects
  • 4 Macro controls on all sounds enable instant sound creation
  • Automatic mapping of parameters for Arturia keyboards
  • Parameters can be mapped easily to other MIDI controllers
  • Stage view supplies a prepared Playlist, using an Arturia keyboard or sending Program Changes from your MIDI Controller
  • Full preset editing is available for owners of the full versions of Arturia soft synths
  • The user interface configures automatically to match your Arturia controller

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