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Devious Machines Everything Bundle 2023 (Windows)


Tech Specs

  • Plugins and Synthesizes
  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • VST2,VST3, AAX



❖ Duck: Perfect Sidechain Ducking… Every time! “Dukk” is an extremely useful mixing utility specially designed for (you guessed it) and has a number of incredibly useful features – Instant sidechain swapping right after the plugin is loaded.
❖ Infiltrator: A monster multi-effect capable of stacking, arranging, and modulating up to ten different effects at the same time. Whether it’s liquid analog filtering or reality-altering sonic transformation, Infiltrator puts it all at your fingertips.
❖ Multiband X6: An advanced multi-band compressor that sets new standards in mixing and mastering. Whether it’s radio-ready vocals, a percussive bus, or powerful mastering, the X6 gives you all the power.
❖ Pitch Monster: Behind the streamlined exterior lies an absolute beast capable of 64 voices of sonic madness. Turn solo vocals into a beautiful choir or robotic melody, a monophonic synth into an orchestra, and your own familiar voice into the rumbling vibrations of the thunder god Thor.
❖ Textures: Part FX plugin, part synthesizer; synthesizes new layers that track the dynamics of your sound. Want to glue the hi-hat transients together by adding dynamic filtered noise? How about amplifying your drum kit by automatically adding a low sine wave? Texture makes this easy, intuitive, and fast.


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