IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Complete (Windows)

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Tech Specs

      • Software Type: Mastering
      • Windows 10,11 
      • Full Version
      • Instant Download
      • VST2, VST3, AAX, Standalone
      • 64-bit Only
In Stock
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Convenient, All-in-one Mastering

Since 1999, IK Multimedia T-RackS has provided musicians with a convenient, all-in-one approach to mastering. With version 5, IK builds on their impressive legacy with four powerful new modules for adding studio-quality polish to your mixes. Its fully redesigned, resizable, flexible interface provides you with a faster, more streamlined workflow. T-RackS 5 also adds professional features like album assembly, multi-format export, and comprehensive broadcast-ready metering tools. Best of all, its audio engine has been retooled from input to output to supply audiophile-grade sound quality. T-RackS 5 supplies everything you need to take your raw mixes, transform them into finished masters, and prepare them for delivery.


Sweeten your mixes with 4 new modules

T-RackS has always offered powerful ways to polish your mixes, and version 5 one-ups its predecessor with four powerful new modules. Master Match replicates the sound of up to three different reference tracks and applies them to your mix. Dyna-Mu is a variable-mu compressor/limiter that adds the coveted “sounds-like-a-record” glue to your mixes. EQual is a 10-band equalizer that combines digital precision with on-demand analog character. ONE is an all-inclusive solution for easy and straightforward audio finalization. Containing a total of nine processing modules (including the four new ones), T-RackS 5 supplies a number of options for finessing your mixes.

Work faster with an all-new interface

If you strive to work faster and more accurately, you’ll love T-RackS 5’s new interface. It allows you to access everything quickly and easily from a single window. Just like previous versions, the main module view keeps the currently selected module on top for easy access. The new chain module view makes managing your processors a breeze using flexible drag-and-drop gestures. Waveform view makes for super-efficient editing such as trimming, fading, and looping. And the interface is completely resizable, so you can benefit from the full size of your screen.

Improved audiophile-grade audio engine

At Sweetwater, we appreciate new tools and improved workflows, but what really matters is the sound. And T-RackS 5 delivers, thanks to its upgraded audio engine. Projects up to 32-bit floating point/192kHz are now supported, so you can master for high-definition music platforms and distribution. Reducing bit depth is a common mastering task when preparing a CD release, and T-RackS 5 supplies you with four options for optimizing dithering noise. Upgraded internal sampling also ensures top-shelf performance when you’re finalizing your project, including DDM (Digital Delivery Mastering) for protecting against inter-sample peaks during lossy audio encoding.

Sequence and assemble your entire project

T-RackS 5 gives you everything you need to sequence and assemble your full-length production without leaving its interface. Create a cohesive album sequence with track metadata (pauses, fades, track KDs, ISRCs, CD-Text, etc.). Export your project as a high-quality master file in WAV or AIF formats, as WAV cue files, or as a duplication-ready DDP image. T-RackS 5 is loaded with the professional features mastering engineers demand.

Comprehensive broadcast-ready metering tools

One of the most important components of mastering is metering (second to hearing, of course). That’s why T-RackS 5 includes a comprehensive selection of metering tools. An LUFS meter ensures compliance with all leading professional reference standards. Peak, RMS, and dynamic range meters furnish you with information about the crest factor and dynamic response of your mix. A spectrogram, real-time analyzer, and phase and correlation meters highlight the frequency imbalances and phase problems you’ll need to address. M/S meters give you information about the relationship between your mix’s mono and stereo content. And you can view T-RackS 5’s metering section inside of the software’s main interface, or break it out into a separate window.

Included Modules:

  • Classic T-RackS Equalizer
  • Classic T-RackS Compressor
  • Classic T-RackS Clipper
  • Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter
  • EQual
  • ONE
  • Dyna-Mu
  • Master Match
  • Metering

IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Features:

  • Provides a convenient, all-in-one approach to mastering
  • 9 high-quality modules (including 4 new processors) for adding studio-quality polish to your mixes
  • Upgraded audio engine supports audiophile-quality 32-bit float/192kHz sound
  • Fully redesigned, resizable, flexible interface gives you a faster, more streamlined workflow
  • Chain module view makes managing your processors a breeze using flexible drag-and-drop gestures
  • Waveform view makes for super-efficient editing such as trimming, fading, and looping
  • Supplies everything you need to sequence and assemble a full-length production
  • Multi-format export including WAV, AIF, WAV cue files, and duplication-ready DDP
  • DDM (Digital Delivery Mastering) protects against inter-sample peaks during lossy audio encoding
  • Comprehensive broadcast-ready metering tools for keeping an eye on your levels
  • Expand your processing power with additional modules via the T-RackS Custom Shop

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