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  • Music Software
  • Windows 10,11 (32, 64Bit)
  • Full Version
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Overview of DMGAudio:

DMGAudio is a collaboration between Dave Gamble and partner Krzysztof Oktalski, influenced by insights from numerous engineers, producers, and audio specialists.

Dave Gamble brings over a decade of experience from prestigious companies like Focusrite, Novation, Sonalksis, Neyrinck, and Brainworx. DMGAudio was established to create high-quality products, free from board restrictions and driven by user needs.

Features of DMGAudio Plugins:

DMGAudio offers a range of plugins with exceptional features, including:

  • Compassion v1.29 – A highly configurable compressor.
  • Dualism v1.29 – Dual analyzer.
  • Equality v1.43 – A top-tier analog equalizer curve.
  • Equick v1.26 – A fast, cutting-edge equalizer.
  • Equilibrium v1.68 – The most flexible equalizer.
  • Essence v1.17 – A powerful de-esser.
  • Expurgate v1.15 – A genre-expanding gate/expander plugin.
  • Limitless v1.19 – A multi-band two-stage limiter.
  • Multiplicity v1.13 – 8 crossover/dynamic equalizer bands.
  • Pitchfunk v1.24 – Pitch Shifting Madness FX.
  • Trackcomp v2.09 – 1 digital and 8 analog compressors.
  • Trackcontrol v1.13 – A free utility for working with channel edges.
  • TrackDS v1.13 – An invisible de-esser.
  • Trackgate v1.13 – An intelligent gating.
  • Tracklimit v1.13 – A wideband limiter.
  • Trackmeter v1.13 – A set of graphs.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

DMGAudio plugins have undergone updates and fixes, such as:

  • Compassion v1.29: Fixed corruption of parameter text and incorrect delay issues.
  • Dualism v1.29: Resolved delay problems in VST3.
  • Equality 1.43: Addressed incorrect delay and latency reporting in VST3.
  • Equick v1.26: Fixed delay and latency reporting in VST3.
  • Equilibrium v1.68: Corrected frequency issues, gain scale, and delay problems.
  • Essence v1.17: Added the ability to disable the frequency analyzer and resolved delay and latency issues.
  • Expurgate v1.15: Added the ability to disable the frequency analyzer and fixed delay and latency issues.
  • Limitless v1.19: Added the ability to disable the frequency analyzer and addressed delay and latency problems.
  • Multiplicity v1.13: Added the ability to disable the frequency analyzer and fixed delay and latency issues.
  • Pitchfunk v1.24: Fixed looping issues and delay problems in VST3.
  • Trackcomp v2.09: Resolved gain reduction and stereo issues, and fixed delay and latency reporting.
  • TrackDS v1.13: Fixed delay and latency issues.
  • Trackgate v1.13: Addressed delay and latency problems.
  • Tracklimit v1.13: Fixed delay and latency issues.
  • Trackmeter v1.13: Resolved latency reporting in VST3.

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    Performance: A+++ Everything is awesome

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    Good reply and cooperation. Thanks a lot

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    Loved it . Simple to use

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    perfect service!👍

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    GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This help me a a lot. Thank you

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    great.. all can use… fast process fast response

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