FabFilter Total Bundle Plug-in Collection 2024 (Windows)

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  • Windows 10,11 (32,64Bit)
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  • VST2, VST3, AAX
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    • Pro-C 2: Professional compressor with extensive sidechain and routing capabilities.
    • Pro-DS: Intelligent and transparent de-essing plugin for vocals.
    • Pro-G: Flexible gate/expander with advanced sidechain capabilities.
    • Pro-L 2: Feature-rich peak limiter with advanced limiting algorithms.
    • Pro-MB: Powerful multi-band compressor/expander with expert features.
    • Pro-Q 3: High-quality EQ plugin with perfect analog modeling and dynamic EQ.
    • Pro-R 2: High-quality reverb plugin with vintage and natural sounds.
    • Saturn 2: Plugin for multi-band distortion, saturation, and amp modeling.
    • Timeless 3: Ultra-flexible tape delay plugin with time stretching.
    • Twin 3: Powerful synthesizer module with high-quality effects section.
    • Volcano 3: Filter effects plugin with sleek, vintage-sounding filters.
    • Micro: Lightweight filter plugin with high-quality filter and envelope modulation.
    • One: Basic synth plugin with perfectly fine-tuned controls and high-quality sound.
    • Simplon: Basic, easy-to-use filter plugin with two high-quality multi-mode filters.

Have It All with fabfilter’s Total Bundle

The FabFilter Total Bundle is a complete set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this value-packed bundle, you get FabFilter’s professional EQ, multiband dynamics, compressor, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, reverb, creative multiband distortion, stereo delay, filter, and synthesizer plug-ins

Pro-Q 3 equalizer

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is destined to become your go-to sound-shaping tool. This 24-band dynamic equalizer enables subtle tweaks and extreme frequency sculpting alike, with both analog-like Natural Phase and digital-precise Linear Phase modes. Make snare drums crack, add brilliance to vocals, or even match the EQ curve of one track to another. You also get an endless array of filter shapes, Mid-Side and Left-Right processing modes, and Dolby Atmos support. Complete with Auto Gain mode, Pro-Q 3 may be the last EQ plug-in you’ll ever need.

Pro-MB multiband compressor/expander

FabFilter Pro-MB is a robust multiband compressor/expander plug-in with all the expert features you need, combining exceptional sound quality with a great interface workflow. At Sweetwater, we take compression seriously – so seriously, in fact, that many of us use multiband compression on a daily basis. Now, granted, it’s a powerful tool with a reputation for being notoriously difficult to set up and control, but FabFilter has jumped the learning curve with Pro-MB’s intuitive, user-friendly interface that lets you effortlessly conquer the beast.

Pro-L 2 brick wall limiter

A brick wall limiter is a must-have tool for every mastering or mixing engineer, and fabfilter’s Pro-L 2 will pump up your mixes with astonishing transparency. A total of eight limiting algorithms provide you with an impressive array of tools, each with a unique character and purpose. A true peak limiting mode eliminates distortion during D/A conversion — essential if you’re running a hot mix. Extensive standards-compliant loudness metering keeps your volume in check. And if you’re working in surround, this feature-packed mastering limiter can tackle just about anything, including Dolby Atmos 7.0.2 and 7.1.2. Pro-L 2 also includes a resizeable interface and extensive control surface support. If you master audio, you need Pro-L 2.

Pro-C 2 compressor

A compression is a food group — the most-used signal processing. One compressor plug-in that’s garnered rave reviews for its scrumptious sonic character and versatility is FabFilter Pro-C 2. Sporting an innovative interface plus flexible sidechaining and routing options, Pro-C 2 gives you high-quality compression and useful program-dependent presets. In Expert mode, you can access Pro-C 2’s external sidechain input and choose between mono, stereo, or mid-side processing with customizable channel linking and routing.

Pro-DS de-esser

Sibilance is a bad word. Even if you deploy the best mics, preamps, and converters, your recordings can be afflicted with this irksome scourge, which is often exacerbated in post production. Luckily, we have an excellent de-esser plug-in at our disposal: FabFilter Pro-DS. Rocking the super-intelligent Single Vocal detection algorithm, Pro-DS accurately nails sibilance in vocal recordings and attenuates it transparently. An allround mode is also a great tool that gives you high-frequency limiting of any material, even drums or complete mixes.

Pro-G gate/expander

Whether it’s noisy guitar tracks or drum mic spill mucking up your kit, you always need a good gate/expander. Luckily, there’s the FabFilter Pro-G plug-in. An indispensable tool in any live or studio setting, Pro-G gives you everything you need – perfectly tuned algorithms, complete sidechain and channel-linking control, an intuitive interface, and excellent metering. Apart from sounding superb, FabFilter Pro-G also gives you extremely flexible routing. Choose between mono, stereo, or mid-side processing; and in Expert mode, an external sidechain input is available with customizable channel linking and routing.

Pro-R reverb

FabFilter Pro-R is an incredibly realistic-sounding reverb plug-in that lets your tracks sit nicely in the mix without causing unnatural coloration or phase issues. We’ve found Pro-R to be amazingly versatile. Reverbs come in all shapes and sizes, and the Pro-R nails them all to perfection. From intimate rooms to enormous cathedrals (and everything in between), FabFilter’s sophisticated algorithms faithfully create the perfect ambiance for any track, with pristine fidelity and gorgeous tails. And considering how effective it is, you’ll find Pro-R, with its beautiful Retina interface, delightfully simple to use.

Saturn 2 multiband distortion, saturation, and amp-modeling

FabFilter Saturn 2 is a multiband distortion, saturation, and amp-modeling plug-in with tons of modulation options. From subtle tube saturation to full-on sonic mayhem, Saturn 2 does it all. Saturn 2 gives you a huge preset palette of high-quality distortion models inspired by the vintage sound of tubes, tape, and guitar amps, along with powerful, intuitive tweakability. Choose between three distortion styles, with which you can smudge, stretch, crush, rectify, and clip your sounds in delightfully unpredictable ways. Distortion and saturation play a vital role in music production. With its multiband design and per-band feedback, dynamics, drive, tone, and modulation options, Saturn 2 brings a unique aura to your music.

Timeless 3-tape delay

From organic, vintage-style tape slap to heavily modulated echo pandemonium, Sweetwater engineers take their delays quite seriously. Fortunately, there’s a serious plug-in to fuel our delayed flights of fancy. FabFilter Timeless 3 isn’t just a meticulously modeled classic tape delay; it’s a heavyweight sound-mangling champ with insanely cool hi-fi filters and copious creative options that allow you to create a jaw-dropping echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, scratch effects, and much more. Your delay signal is normalled to six high-quality multimode filters, then routed back to the delays with adjustable feedback and cross-feedback knobs. You also get per-channel phase inversion for stunning flanger and phasing effects.

Volcano 2 filter effects

Filters are a way of life. Good thing we have FabFilter Volcano 2! With its state-of-the-art filter technology and a dizzying array of modulation options, this versatile filter effect plug-in gives you high-quality digital filtering with a convincing analog character. The Volcano 2 interface is intuitive and fast, with FabFilter’s innovative “what-you-use-is-what-you-see” concept, showing only what you’re actually using and making it easy to work with the robust list of cool features that the plug-in has on tap.

Twin 3 polyphonic synth

Twin 3 isn’t a mere polyphonic synthesizer plug-in; it’s your one-way ticket to modulation nirvana. Twin 3 brims with powerful features, including four ultra-flexible oscillators, four filters, six FX modules, and effortless drag-and-drop routing, plus a vast modulation system with a multitude of source signal generators and limitless modulation assignments. This comprehensively redesigned 64-voice soft synth vaunts an easier workflow than its predecessor, with a simplified interface, a new design of modulation sources, and a floating slot panel and FX panels. Moreover, Twin 3’s oscillator and filter sound quality has received a significant sonic upgrade, along with built-in analog-modeled drift. Of course, you also get FabFilter’s acclaimed fine-tuned knobs and controllers, interactive MIDI Learn, an undo/redo and A/B switch, Smart Parameter Interpolation, sample-accurate automation, interactive help hints, NEON and SSE optimization, and a whole lot more. If you’re a red-blooded synth fanatic, Twin 3 makes for a must-have addition to your virtual instrument arsenal.

One 10-voice polyphonic synth

Carefully tuned to give you the character and warmth of a classic analog synth, the FabFilter One polyphonic synthesizer plug-in rocks just one oscillator, but it packs a punch with 10-voice polyphony, fine-tuned controls, scrumptious sonics, and a killer filter. The oscillator, with its sawtooth, square (with pulse-width modulation), and triangle waves, was developed to be totally free of aliasing artifacts. And then there’s that filter: FabFilter worked long and hard to create the best digital highpass filter possible; indeed, it’s among the sweetest we’ve heard – organic and raw, but never chintzy – even when you’ve dimed the resonance. And yes – you can drive it into self-oscillation.

Simplon dual filter

FabFilter’s Simplon is a basic, easy-to-use filter plug-in with two great-sounding multimode filters and an interactive filter display. Its two independent multimode filters deliver lowpass, highpass, and bandpass functionality with selectable 12-, 24-, and 48-dB/octave slopes. You can use the filters in either Serial or Parallel mode. Each filter gives you a choice of three different filter characteristics that define its unique sonic and overdrive qualities.


The FabFilter Micro is a lightweight filter plug-in with a single high-quality filter and envelope-follower modulation. Micro’s filter is smooth and creamy, but use the interactive filter display and look out — you can easily drive it into raw saturation and self-oscillation! You get lowpass and highpass shapes plus an envelope follower with which you can modulate the cutoff frequency.

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