iZotope Music Production Suite 4 (Windows)

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Tech Specs

  • Software Type : Music Production Suite
  • Platform : PC Only
  • Upgrade/Full : Full
  • Download/Boxed : Download
  • Bit Depth : 64-bit
  • Format : AAX, VST2, VST3, AU
  • Hardware Requirements – PC : Intel / AMD Quad-core or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – PC : Windows 8.1 or later

Everything You Need for Top-drawer Music Production

iZotope’s Music Production Suite 4 really delivers the goods, boasting a cache of top-notch tools that engineers and producers alike will find indispensable. Benefit from powerful, versatile reverbs with Neoverb. Polish your vocals into stunning centerpieces with Nectar 3 Plus. For outstanding repair and restoration, reach for RX 8 Standard. Achieve the popular stutter effect — effortlessly — with Stutter Edit 2. Craft pro-quality, superbly balanced mixes and masters with Ozone 9 Advanced, Tonal Balance Control 2, and Neutron 3 Advanced. Forge ear-popping vocals with VocalSynth 2. Dive deep into your mix with Insight 2. And to tie it all together, this bundle includes Relay for state-of-the-art inter-plug-in communication. What’s more, you get two killer reverbs from Exponential Audio . iZotope’s Music Production Suite 4 is the pro’s secret weapon. Deploy it on your next project and hear the results for yourself.


Neoverb combines studio-grade Exponential Audio algorithms with iZotope’s cutting-edge AI-assisted processing to give you an ultra-powerful, ultra-versatile reverb plug-in. Create complex, customized reverbs for any track with Reverb Assistant. Craft unique amalgams of early reflections, rooms, plates, chambers, and halls with Neoverb’s Blend Pad. Achieve amazing-sounding reverbs without long plug-in chains, thanks to a formidable EQ section with AutoCut and Unmask functions. You also get a Masking Meter that boasts inter-plug-in communication with other iZotope plug-ins, and experienced engineers will appreciate Neoverb’s Advanced Panel, which enables comprehensive tweaking of your reverb parameters. To top it off, Neoverb includes input smoothing and modulation effects for adding final special touches to your reverbs. A resizable interface and pro-designed presets round out Neoverb’s robust features.


  • Reverb Assistant uses AI-assisted processing to create complex, customized reverbs for any track
  • Blend Pad crafts unique amalgams of early reflections, rooms, plates, chambers, and halls
  • Formidable EQ section achieves amazing-sounding reverbs without long plug-in chains
  • AutoCut function suggests EQ moves to keep your input signal clean before you add reverb
  • Smoothing control evens out your track’s dynamics, thereby avoiding distracting artifacts
  • Unmask feature ensures that your reverb doesn’t overwhelm your mix
  • Masking Meter deploys inter-plug-in communication to indicate where your reverb is masking other tracks
  • Modulation adds lushness and depth to your reverb
  • Resizable interface accommodates your screen size and workflow
  • Pro-designed presets give you a sizable cache of application-specific starting points

Nectar 3 Plus

If you want vocals that sit beautifully in your mix, Nectar 3 Plus is an easy, effective way to make it happen. This indispensable plug-in suite boasts a top-shelf cache of vocal-centric effects modules, including EQ, Harmony, Compressors, Dimension, De-esser, Pitch, Auto Level, Saturation, Reverb, and Gate. But the real magic lies in Vocal Assistant, which uses iZotope’s renowned AI-assisted processing to detect and correct a whole slew of hard-to-rein-in vocal problems. Unmask digs buried vocals out of a mix, with EQ Amount and Dynamic controls that ensure extreme ease-of-use and transparency. You also get built-in Key Detection — a huge time saver — along with Melodyne 4 essential, which offers powerful, transparent pitch and time correction, and iZotope RX Breath Control, which automatically suppresses breaths in dialog or vocal recordings. If you’re struggling to get great-sounding vocals (or simply want to speed up your workflow), Nectar 3 Plus has the cutting-edge vocal processing tools you need.


  • Vocal processing plug-in with machine learning technology
  • Main modules include EQ, Harmony, Compressors, Dimension, De-esser, Pitch & Auto Level, Saturation, Reverb, and Gate
  • Vocal Assistant listens to your audio, then detects and makes corrections automatically
  • Unmask positions vocals front and center by moving other mix elements out of the way
  • Key Detection saves time by learning the key of your vocal
  • Melodyne 4 essential offers powerful pitch and time correction
  • iZotope RX Breath Control automatically suppresses breaths in dialog or vocal recordings

RX 8 Standard

No engineer appreciates unwanted noise — it wreaks havoc on your recordings. That’s where RX Standard comes in. This indispensable tool has been dubbed the “photo editor of the audio world,” renowned for its ability to magically erase buzz, clicks, hiss, and more. With iZotope RX 8, RX ups the ante with a bevy of new features. Guitar De-noise tightens up noisy guitars. Loudness Control finalizes your audio for broadcast. An overhauled Batch Processor makes bulk processing easier than ever, while an upgraded Music Rebalance module enables you to export stems from a stereo mix. You also get an expanded 32-audio tab limit, horizontal scrolling, and an improved De-hum module. Beyond that, you get the AI-assisted processing that RX is renowned for. RX 8 Standard is the most powerful version yet!


  • Industry-standard audio restoration and repair tools
  • Paints away buzz, clicks, hiss, and more with photo editor-like mouse gestures
  • Guitar De-noise tightens up noisy guitars by taming amp hum, fret squeaks, and pick sounds
  • Overhauled batch processor enables you to process multiple files with a single pass
  • Loudness Control finalizes your audio for broadcast with unprecedented intelligibility
  • Music Rebalance separates mix elements and exports them as stems for remixing
  • 32-audio tab limit (double that of previous versions) makes tackling large products a piece of cake
  • Horizontal scrolling lets you scroll across the X-axis for lightning-fast edits
  • Upgraded De-hum module eliminates ground-loop hum and line noise better than ever
  • Straightforward interface makes operation intuitive
  • Task-based modules focus on specific audio issues

Stutter Edit 2

Achieving the popular stutter effect can take hours of editing in your DAW, but Stutter Edit 2 gets the job done in seconds. Designed by electronic music guru BT, this plug-in gives you one-button access to this often-used effect, enabling you to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. A Curve Editor makes deploying sweeping filters, pumping reverbs, and blends of lo-fi energy easy, while a cache of top-shelf effect modules really gets your blood pumping. BT-designed banks and gestures put a wealth of effects, ideas, and sounds at your fingertips. Stutter Edit 2 also includes an overhauled UI with a dedicated output section, easier Stutter controls, and a flexible system for saving banks and gestures. If you want to elevate your productions with percussive patterns, soaring pop vocal edits, glitched-out dubstep breakdowns, and more, Stutter Edit 2 will take you there.


  • Playable stutter effect for studio and stage designed by BT
  • Huge amount of control over slicing/stuttering in real time
  • Create completely unique stutter effects — turn pitch into rhythm, and rhythm into pitch
  • 2-band Distort module for adding grit to your tracks
  • Comb and Chorus modules supply extra movement within your mixes
  • Reverb module from BT’s personal collection adds ear-tickling dimensionality to your projects
  • 11 effects that span from lo-fi ear candy to attention-grabbing tape stops
  • Curve Editor enables every knob and slider to move in sync with your DAW
  • Auto mode gives you 1-button access to auditioning sounds with zero routing
  • Effects linked to simple gestures on a MIDI controller
  • Banks and gestures designed by BT deliver a wealth of effects, ideas, and sounds
  • Custom banks provide access to dozens of unique gestures
  • Experiment with a huge range of effect sounds by playing keys or pads on a MIDI controller
  • Create complex retriggering, pan and gating edits using instrument tracks and entire songs
  • Improvise live remixes with stutter fills, filter sweeps, and buildups that sound like they were produced in the studio
  • The perfect companion for Ableton Live for laptop performances and DJ sets
  • Use Stutter Edit in the studio on vocals, drums, and other instruments to re-create painstaking stutter-editing techniques
  • Grid feature automatically corrects your timing when performing effects live
  • Overhauled UI with dedicated output section, easier Stutter controls and flexible system for saving banks and gestures

Ozone 9 Advanced

Just when you thought Ozone couldn’t get more powerful, Ozone 9 Advanced comes along and takes things up a notch. This comprehensive mastering software suite is loaded with intelligent processing and a bevy of new features. Correct the levels of individual instruments in a stereo file with Master Rebalance. Adjust the contrast and definition of low frequencies with Low End Focus. Analyze and optimize your master with Tonal Balance Control. You also get seamless integration with other iZotope plug-ins, enabling you to fix mix issues that will affect the mastering process later on, while Master Assistant supplies you with a logical starting point. Complete with a modern, resizable interface, Ozone 9 Advanced is a surefire way to polish and perfect your mixes.


  • Comprehensive mastering software suite with 16 modules
  • Master Rebalance corrects the levels of individual instruments in a stereo file
  • Low End Focus adjusts the contrast and definition of low frequencies
  • Works with Tonal Balance Control to analyze and optimize your master
  • Seamless integration with other iZotope plug-ins via Relay
  • Master Assistant uses your audio’s sonic profile to get you to a logical starting point
  • Choose from a modern or vintage vibe, with loudness targets for CD and streaming
  • Overhauled Match EQ with better preset workflow, reference track matching, and more
  • Vintage modules for adding warmth, grit, and vibe
  • Imager module includes powerful multiband controls and an improved Stereoize mode
  • Works as a single plug-in, as individual component plug-ins, or standalone
  • Modern, resizable interface

Tonal Balance Control 2

Tonal Balance Control 2 makes achieving a balanced master easy. It’s the perfect antidote for ear fatigue and ensures that your final product translates well across myriad playback systems. This mastering reference software puts the experience of countless mastering engineers in your hands, enabling you to compare your audio to hundreds of professional masters in 13 different genres. Tonal Balance Control 2 boasts iZotope’s super-powerful inter-plug-in communication, allowing you to call up any instance of Neutron, Nectar, or Relay to make per-track adjustments to EQ and gain. It’s a serious workflow enhancement, enabling you to instantly address a tonally skewed mix without opening multiple plug-ins. Tonal Balance Control 2 boasts a resizable interface and fluid response metering — must-have features for large monitors. No matter which listening environment or genre you’re working in, Tonal Balance Control 2 allows you to master with confidence.


  • Puts the experience of countless mastering engineers in your hands
  • Ensures that your final product translates well across a myriad of playback systems
  • Compare your audio to hundreds of professional masters in 13 different genres
  • Inter-plug-in communication enables you to make per-track adjustments without opening multiple plug-ins
  • Resizable interface and responsive fluid metering — must-have features for large monitors
  • Import and export audio in WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC formats

Neutron 3 Advanced

World-class mix engineers have assistants that set their sessions up for them, leaving the creative decisions to them. With Neutron 3 Advanced, you can have one, too. Its revolutionary Mix Assistant automatically builds a preliminary mix around a designated focal point. And when it’s time for you to get hands-on, Neutron 3 Advanced gives you the tools you need to craft a great-sounding mix. Tonal Balance Control analyzes and optimizes your mix. Visual Mixer displays your entire mix while providing you with control over each individual track. Resolve frequency collisions quickly and easily, thanks to Masking Meter. And the Sculptor module uses spectral shaping to help you mold your track to perfection. Neutron 3 Advanced gives you a total of eight modules for crafting your mixes and includes Ozone Advanced integration, 7.1 surround support, and huge performance gains over previous versions.


  • Mix Assistant automatically builds a preliminary mix around a designated focal point
  • Sculptor module uses spectral shaping to help mold your track
  • Masking Meter identifies frequency collisions to ensure that instruments don’t mask each other in your mix
  • Visual Mixer allows you to control individual tracks while inspecting your entire soundstage
  • Works with Relay to communicate with compatible iZotope plug-ins across your entire session
  • Track Assistant analyzes your signal and gets you to a logical starting point
  • Includes 8 powerful modules to perfect your tracks
  • Compressor, EQ, Exciter, Gate, Sculptor, and Transient Shaper can be used as individual plug-ins
  • Tonal Balance Control analyzes and optimizes your mix
  • Seamless integration with Ozone Advanced, so you can fix mix issues that will affect the mastering process later on
  • Full surround support up to 7.1 for professional post-production applications
  • Huge performance gains over previous versions enable you to work faster
  • Resizable interface and smooth visualizations supply you with a better workflow

VocalSynth 2

Want to establish your own signature vocal sound? With five powerful vocal engines onboard, VocalSynth 2 is what you need to get the job done. VocalSynth 2 has been completely redesigned, featuring more power, a revamped interface, and better CPU optimization than its predecessor. You also get tons of presets to help you get up and running fast. Manipulate a vocal’s nasality, vowel shapes, and formant using VocalSynth 2’s Biovox tool. Enhance your production with quality stompbox-style vocal effects. Three modes of operation give you an incredible level of flexibility. VocalSynth 2 features inter-plug-in communication with iZotope’s Neutron, Ozone, Tonal Balance Control, and more.


  • More power, a revamped interface, and better CPU optimization than its predecessor
  • 5 powerful vocal engines for sculpting unique signature vocal sounds
  • Biovox manipulates a vocal’s nasality, vowel shapes, and formant
  • Quality stompbox-style vocal effects for enhancing your production
  • Pitch correction preserves original vocal formants and timbre
  • Automatic, MIDI, and Sidechain generation capabilities
  • Presets quickly access the sounds of legendary vocal production techniques

Insight 2

With Insight, you’ll see what your mix is really made of, literally. There are meters for loudness, levels, sound field, history, intelligibility, spectrum, and spectrogram. And version 2 takes it to a new level with plenty of exciting new features. The Intelligibility Meter indicates whether or not dialogue is being overshadowed by the rest of your mix. You can use Relay to route any specified tracks or buses to Insight 2 for analysis. Beyond that, you’ll benefit from a full range of loudness standards and multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2. You also get an updated look and feel with resizing and a customizable layout. With Insight in your toolbox, you’ll fine-tune your mixes faster than ever.


  • Intelligibility Meter indicates whether or not dialogue is being overshadowed by the rest of your mix
  • Works with Relay to route any specified tracks or buses to Insight 2 for analysis
  • Accommodates EBU R128, BS.1770-1, BS.1770-2/3/4, ATSC A/85, OP-59, and more
  • Supports multichannel audio up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2
  • Resizable meters and windows
  • True-peak level meters show you exactly how close you are to clipping your audio
  • Loudness meters show you the actual impact of your mix’s volume
  • Loudness history graph helps you better understand the dynamic progression of your mix
  • Stereo vectorscope makes it easy to identify phasing issues
  • 2D/3D spectrogram and spectrum analyzer give you detailed insight into your mix’s frequency content

Exponential Audio R4

From natural ambience to blatant effect, reverb can enhance our music in many ways. Iconic units have dotted the history of recorded music. Engineers wax poetic about the first time they used — or simply heard — some of the great reverb hardware spanning the past several decades. Michael Carnes lent his design expertise to some of these units, and his R4 plug-in is the next reverb in this exalted procession. R4 delivers the sonic bliss of the best historic hardware reverb units, but it offers many new features only made possible by modern software development technology. As R4 is a native plug-in, it requires no special hardware and offers great flexibility with minimal load on your computer’s CPU. R4 is a class act on its way to becoming a modern classic.


  • Characterful reverb inspired by the classics
  • A new hall algorithm, as well as updated versions of the R2 algorithms
  • Warp section with compressor/expander and overdrive
  • Modulated EQ
  • Tempo-adjustable pre-delay and reverb delay
  • Tail suppression circuit for more dynamic response
  • Gated reverb effects
  • Over 1,200 presets
  • Channel formats: mono-in/mono-out, mono-in/stereo-out, stereo-in/stereo-out
  • Helpful tool tips to guide new users

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