iZotope Music Production Suite 5 Pro (Windows)

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Tech Specs

  • Software Type: Music Production Suite
  • Platform: PC
  • Upgrade/Full: Full
  • Download/Boxed: Download
  • Bit Depth: 64-bit
  • Format: AAX, VST3
  • Hardware Requirements – PC: Intel / AMD Quad-Core or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – PC: Windows 10 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number:10-MPS5_UE
In Stock
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A Universal Artistic Domain.

iZotope returns with the latest iteration on their hallmark studio behemoth: Music Production Suite 5. Sweetwater’s studio scholars concur that this comprehensive package of full-scale production prowess is a worthy heir to the flagship series’s mainline entry. New to this edition include Neutron 4, updated from its predecessor to drastically streamline workflow for smarter mixing and boasting a host of AI assisting technology for a futuristic experience. Symphony 3D receives a 24-channel upgrade to its robust, dynamic reverb engine. Surround yourself in immersive, spatialized audio with the new Stratus 3D. iZotope has partnered with Brainworx for six additional plug-ins, covering delay, drum augmentation, audio processing, and a fat bass synth, expanding your repertoire even further. Also onboard are RX 9 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus, Neoverb, VocalSynth 2, Insight 2, Tonal Balance Control 2, Visual Mixer, Relay, and Melodyne essential — all-encompassing production is only a click away!

Neutron 4: textural exploration, machine learning, and more

The total mixing suite of Neutron 4 augments and enhances the foundations of its predecessors, while adding so much more, culminating in a true one-stop shop. Neutron’s hallmark AI audio assistant has been upgraded to the new Assistant View, utilizing machine learning to intelligently analyze audio from the moment you hit play. Have a reference for your mix? Use the Target Library to capitalize on Neutron’s tone matching technology, leveraging innovative Assistant power to match your instruments to those of your reference by utilizing iZotope’s presets or your own. Generate space between competing tracks in your mix with the Unmask Module. Explore facets of the extreme, the weird, and the wild, with Trash Mode, Tone Slider, and Tame functionality, expressing, destroying, and rebuilding character as you go. Punch, Modern, and Vintage modes allow you to easily add substantial heft to any instrument. Overall UI and workflow improvements accompany robust visualization features to make this 8-in-1 mixing master the perfect balance of production and professionalism.

Neutron 4 Features:

  • Vast improvements to the AI audio assistant streamline workflow while providing new Assistant View for detailed, dedicated control
  • Target Library implements tone-matching technology to use user-uploaded samples as references for mixing options and final product
  • Unmask Module proactively works to fix muddy mixing by identifying needs for space between competing tracks or elements within a track, bus, or within your DAW
  • Trash Mode lets you explore textures through extreme distortion
  • Take the Tone Slider to make modulate the broader boundaries of overall character
  • The Tame button preserves the finer dynamics of the mix while engaging in distortion-based destruction
  • Updated UI means you’re working more effectively, more easily, with the Assistant and Detail Views
  • Visualization upgrades include the Oscilloscope View to hone your perfect compression

Symphony 3D: reverb redux

Forging a partnership with Exponential Audio, Symphony 3D gives iZotope’s outstanding reverb engine a 24-channel upgrade, imparting deep modulation and responsive dynamics in post-production or spatial audio capacities. Take your mix to a new dimension with Symphony 3D, including Auro 3D, NHK, and Atmos. Construct compelling soundscapes and sonic textures with the Freeze function, infinitely expanding a momentary point of lush, reverberated space. Warp functionality gives you the tools to sculpt and refine the character of your reverb, utilizing the Overdrive gradient to sprinkle in a touch of harmonic flourish to a full-fledged distortion, magnified and modified with Compression. Explore over 1,700 presets to find the perfect release-ready sound, or let it serve as a jumping-off point — the possibilities are almost limitless.

Symphony 3D Features:

  • Specially tailored reverb algorithms provide advanced opportunities to generate luscious sound-spaces in surround form
  • 24-channel upgrade ensures cinema-level spatial mixing through Atmos, NHK, Auro 3D, and more
  • 1,700+ presets deliver release-ready arrangements and endless exploratory opportunities
  • Dedicated balance controls let you fine-tune spatialization for top and main signals
  • Freeze, chorus, and gate parameters allow for musical FX incorporation
  • Reverb attack and tail modulation give you advanced, artistic control of reverb shaping and reflections

Stratus 3D: spatialization and dimensional modeling

Like its Exponential Audio sibling, Stratus 3D boasts 24-channel support for unparalleled construction of immersive sound-spaces in Atmos, Auro 3D, and more. Generate depth and expand dimensionality in post-production projects, adding precisely articulated headroom, embodied room feel, and so much more to create reflective, real spaces. Highly detailed reverb parameters grant you deep, temporal control of reverb attack, tail, and reflection. Balance functions let you craft an overall shape to your reverb, designing the placement and timing of channel-specific reflections in all three dimensions. More than 1,700 presets include rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more, all providing for a relentlessly realistic sound right out of the box or the launch pad for a 3D space that’s uniquely your own.

Stratus 3D Features:

  • Specially tailored reverb algorithms provide advanced opportunities to generate luscious sound-spaces in realistic 3D surround form
  • 24-channel upgrade ensures lifelike, representational spatial mixing through Atmos, NHK, Auro 3D, and more
  • 1,700+ presets deliver release-ready arrangements and endless exploratory opportunities
  • Dedicated balance controls let you fine-tune spatialization for top and main signals
  • Warp controls provide Overdrive and Compression functions to apply a gradient of harmonic shimmer to full distortion
  • Reverb attack and tail modulation give you advanced, artistic control of reverb shaping and reflections of channel-specific reflections in three-dimensional space

Melodyne and the returning essentials

iZotope includes Melodyne’s essential package to deliver intuitive, precise control over any recorded audio, pitch-correcting, and fine-tuning with intuitive macros to increase workflow efficiency. RX 9 Standard returns for uncompromising audio repair, capable of dedicated isolation, dynamic identification of stray frequencies, ambience-matching, and more. Mastering is as easy or deep as you need with Ozone 9 Advanced, utilizing AI-powered mastering, machine learning, and nearly two decades of experience to create a release-ready mastering suite. Nectar 3 Plus employs a host of innovations to actively and dynamically optimize vocal recordings via Unmask capabilities, key detection, and more. Generate unmatched reverb shapes with Neoverb, exploring spatialization features developed with Exponential Audio. Inject your vocals with stompbox-style color, endlessly shaping, blending, and morphing the layers and textures of each effect via Nectar 3 Plus. Tap into Insight 2 for customizable ways to interface with your sounds, with dynamic, responsive metering tailored to any workflow. Hone the shape of your sound with Tonal Balance Control 2, with genre-based or user-uploaded target curves, diving deeper through Ozone or Neutron EQs via Relay, without ever leaving TBC2.

A new perspective on mixing

iZotope’s Relay utility is an underappreciated representation of the company’s grander venture of streamlining and reimagining workflow. Apart from basic adjustments to gain, pan, stereo image, and filter parameters, Relay can be used with IPC-enabled plug-ins to gain access to countless automated processes, resulting in an advanced ecosystem across Insight 2, Nectar 3, and Neutron 3, including integration with AI-charged Mix Assistant. Re-present your mix with the Visual Mixer, boasting interoperative functionality with Relay, allowing you to give your mix a new dimension within virtual space.

iZotope Music Production Suite 5 Features:

  • Music Production Suite 5 brings 52 total plug-ins under into an artistic, sonic sculpting, AI-fueled one-stop shop, with optimized workflow to keep you focused on the work that matters
  • Neutron 4 improves upon and augments the AI capabilities of its predecessor, offering both Assistant and Detail Views for fine-tuning ever parameter of this 8-in-1 mixing module
  • Exponential Audio-developed Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D each contain 1,700+ presets with full compatibility with Atmos, Auro 3D, NHK, and more
  • Symphony 3D delivers fully-sculptable three-dimensional reverb with nuanced texture and sound palette tools
  • Stratus 3D allows for tailored spatialization tools across all dimensions to create immersive, embodied sound-spaces
  • Partnership with German developers Brainworx gives you six robust plug-ins to bolster your mix with unmatched sound design tools
  • Melodyne essential is included to provide precision engineering features for industry-leading standards of vocal management, pitch correction, and more
  • RX 9 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus, Neoverb, VocalSynth 2, Insight 2, and Tonal Balance Control 2 return for sophisticated, case-specific sonic shaping
  • Relay and the Visual Mixer allow for deeper interoperability and streamlined workflow, reimagining the layout of your project by placing your mix into virtual space

Included :

Neutron Pro v3.8.0
Ozone Pro 10.11.0
RX Pro for Music v9.1.1
Nectar Pro v3.6.1
Melodyne v5.1.1
Relay v1.2.1
Visual Mixer v3.7.0
Neoverb Pro v1.1.0
Tonal Balance Control Pro v2.4.0
VocalSynth Pro v2.4.1
Insight Pro v2.2.0

Stratus 3D

Symphony 3D


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