iZotope RX 8 Advanced Audio Editor (Windows)

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Tech Specs

  • Software Type:Audio Editor
  • Platform: PC Only
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:AAX, VST2, VST3, AU
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – PC:Windows 8.1 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number:RX8S_RD

Pro-level Audio Restoration Software

If you’re a forensic audio expert or post-production engineer, you need powerful tools. That’s why critical projects demand iZotope RX Advanced. Like a photo editor, RX Advanced paints away buzz, clicks, hiss, and more with a single mouse gesture. It’s a must-have — and version 8 ups the ante with a bevy of new features. Guitar De-noise tightens up noisy guitars. Spectral Recovery restores clarity to internet-compressed audio. Wow & Flutter corrects pitch drift from physical media transfers. Loudness Control finalizes your audio for broadcast. You also get an overhauled Batch Processor and Music Rebalance module. Beyond that, you get the AI-assisted processing that RX is renowned for. Enhance. Restore. Repair. If it’s broken, RX 8 Advanced can fix it.

iZotope RX 8 Advanced is loaded with powerful restoration tools:

  • Guitar De-noise tightens up noisy guitar recordings.
  • Batch Processor enables you to process several files in one pass.
  • Music Rebalance grants you independent gain adjustment of the elements of a mix — after it’s already mixed.
  • Repair Assistant uses machine learning to solve common audio issues faster than ever.
  • De-hum removes ground loop hum and line noise.
  • Loudness Control prepares your recordings for final delivery with detailed level readings and loudness management.
  • Variable Time adjusts the time stretch amount of an audio selection without altering its pitch.
  • Variable Pitch adjusts the pitch of an audio selection while preserving its time and length.
  • Composite View removes unwanted sounds captured with multiple microphones by editing multiple files at once.
  • Mouth De-click gets rid of distracting mouth noises.
  • Spectral De-ess transparently attenuates sibilance with iZotope’s spectral shaping technology.
  • De-bleed eliminates headphone bleed from acoustic guitar tracks, removes click track bleed from vocal takes, and solves other signal bleed problems.
  • Spectral Repair visually paints away audio problems like ringing cell phones, birds, and squeaky bass drum pedals.
  • Voice De-noise is fine-tuned for vocals, reducing unwanted steady-state or changing background noise like air conditioning, refrigerator hum, and amp hiss.
  • Breath Control attenuates distracting breaths between words and phrases.
  • De-plosive repairs unwanted plosives with a single click.
  • Spectral De-noise reduces amp buzz, tape hiss, and other unwanted steady-state background noise.
  • De-click cleans up vinyl clicks, softens up clicky bass guitars, and more. A new low-latency algorithm enables you to use De-click directly within your DAW or NLE without introducing sync issues.
  • De-clip patches up digital and analog clipping artifacts to restore distorted audio.

As well as these exclusive Advanced-only features:

  • Spectral Recovery restores clarity to internet-compressed audio.
  • Wow & Flutter corrects pitch fluctuations from physical audio recordings.
  • Dialogue Contour reshapes the intonation and inflection of a dialog track.
  • Dialogue De-reverb removes unwanted ambience from dialog clips.
  • De-rustle eliminates lavalier mic rustle from dialog with a single click.
  • Dialogue Isolate extracts dialog from loud environments with background sounds like clanging plates in a restaurant, traffic noise, and machinery.
  • De-wind removes low-frequency wind rumble from location dialog.
  • Ambience Match fills in the constant background noise under constructed sentences and ADR lines.
  • EQ Match imparts the EQ profile of one file to another, great for matching ADR to location dialog.

Enhanced options for audio pros

RX 8 Advanced is a worthy update. It makes restoring clarity to internet-compressed audio like remote meetings, podcast interviews, video calls, and real-time audio streaming a breeze, thanks to Spectral Recovery. Effortlessly correct pitch fluctuations from physical audio transfers from vinyl and cassette with Wow & Flutter. Recovering a dialog performance is easier than ever with Dialogue Contour. Remove unwanted ambience from dialog tracks with Dialogue De-reverb. You also get modules such as De-rustle, which eliminates lavalier mic rustle from dialog, Dialogue Isolate, which extracts dialog from loud environments, and De-wind, which removes low-frequency wind rumble from location dialog. Ambience Match fills in the constant background noise under constructed sentences and ADR lines, while EQ Match creates consistent sonics between two different dialog recordings. On top of that, RX Advanced supports multichannel audio up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, making it an indispensable tool for post-production and video game projects.

Repair Assistant makes audio restoration easier than ever

The engineers here at Sweetwater will tell you — audio restoration is a time-intensive endeavor. But not anymore! RX Advanced’s Repair Assistant makes short work of clipping, clicks, and more without the usual tedious trial-and-error workflow. All you need to do is select the type of material, be it music, dialog, or other, and let RX Advanced analyze the audio. It then gives you processing suggestions to point you in the right direction, along with three different intensities for each. You then review and audition the different suggestions, hit render, and you’re good to go.

Music Rebalance gives new meaning to “fix it in the mix”

Mastering a badly mixed song is an uphill battle. Now, thanks to RX Advanced, that’s no longer the case. Its Music Rebalance tool allows for independent gain adjustment of vocals, bass, percussion, and other elements of a mix — after the project has been mixed. Drums too loud? Vocals not loud enough? Music Rebalance allows you to fix these and other similar problems. Beyond that, you can export these individual elements as stems for further processing and mixing. Music Rebalance is also available as an AudioSuite plug-in.

iZotope RX 8 Advanced Features:

  • NEW Guitar De-noise tightens up noisy guitars by taming amp hum, fret squeaks, and pick sounds
  • NEW Overhauled batch processor enables you to process multiple files with a single pass
  • NEW Spectral Recovery restores clarity to internet-compressed audio formats
  • NEW Loudness Control finalizes your audio for broadcast with unprecedented intelligibility
  • NEW Wow & Flutter corrects pitch drift in physical media recordings
  • NEW Music Rebalance separates mix elements and exports them as stems for re-mixing
  • NEW 32-audio tab limit (double that of previous versions) makes tackling large products a piece of cake
  • NEW Horizontal scrolling lets you scroll across the X-axis for lightning-fast edits
  • NEW Upgraded De-hum module eliminates ground-loop hum and line noise better than ever
  • Pro-level audio restoration and repair tools for forensic audio experts and post-production engineers
  • Paints away buzz, clicks, hiss, and more with photo editor-like mouse gestures
  • Dialogue Isolate, De-rustle, Music Rebalance, and Breath Control available as AudioSuite plug-ins
  • Multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2

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