Native Instruments Kontakt 6 +1000GB Premium Libraries (Windows)

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System Requirements:

  • Pc Only
  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • PC: Core i5 or higher, 8GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – Windows 10 & 11
  • VST2, VST3, and Standalone host.
  • 1000 GB Hard Disk
In Stock
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  • With This Purchase, You Will Get Kontakt 7 Pro Version With Complete Every Library From Native Instruments. 

    Included Libraries With These Purchases. 

    Cinematic :

    • Action Strikes
    • Action Strings 2
    • Ashleigh
    • Damage
    • Emotive Strings
    • Kinetic Metal
    • Kinetic Toys
    • Lores
    • Mallet Flux
    • Mysteria
    • Pharlight
    • Piano Colors
    • Rise & Hit
    • Sequis
    • Straylight
    • Thrill

    Play series :

    • The 40s Very Own Drums
    • The 40s Very Own Keys
    • Analog Dreams
    • Butch Vig Drums
    • Cloud Supply
    • Deft Line
    • Empire Breaks
    • Ethereal Earth
    • Glaze
    • Hybrid Keys
    • Ignition Keys
    • Lo-Fi Glow
    • Melted Vibes
    • Modular Icons
    • Soul Sessions

    Drums and percussion :

    • Abbey Road 50s Drummer
    • Abbey Road 60s Drummer
    • Abbey Road 70s Drummer
    • Abbey Road 80s Drummer
    • Abbey Road Modern Drummer
    • Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
    • Drumlab
    • Studio Drummer

    Spotlight series :

    • Balinese Gamelan
    • Cuba
    • East Asia
    • India
    • Middle East
    • West Africa

    Acoustic pianos :

    • Alicia’s Keys
    • Noire
    • The Gentleman
    • The Giant
    • The Grandeur
    • The Maverick
    • Una Corda

    Electric pianos and organs :

    • George Duke Soul Treasures
    • Scarbee A-200
    • Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet
    • Scarbee Mark I
    • Vintage Organs

    Guitar and bass :

    • Electric Mint
    • Electric Sunburst Deluxe
    • Electric Vintage
    • Picked Acoustic
    • Picked Nylon
    • Prime Bass
    • Scarbee Jay Bass
    • Scarbee MM-Bass
    • Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
    • Scarbee Pre-Bass
    • Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped
    • Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
    • Strummed Acoustic
    • Strummed Acoustic 2

    Contemporary strings and horns :

    • Session Strings Pro 2
    • Session Horns Pro

    Classical instruments :

    • Amati Viola
    • Brass Ensemble
    • Brass Solo
    • Choir – Omnia
    • Guarneri Violin
    • Percussion
    • Stradivari Cello
    • Stradivari Violin
    • String Ensemble
    • Woodwind Ensemble
    • Woodwind Solo

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  1. Heath Platt (verified owner)

    Service was fantastic. They were able to resolve my issue right away.

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    Already installed and it’s works very well. Super happy with it.

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    Outstanding quality Amazing stuff I like it

  4. Delmer Kang (verified owner)

    The product is very good. I use almost everything in it on a regular basis.

  5. Hee Cheek (verified owner)

    The product is very good. I use almost everything in it on a regular basis.

  6. Erline Caron (verified owner)

    Very impressed with your work ethic and dealing with your tech team.

  7. Julene Byers (verified owner)

    All items working well.Good product quality. Good value for money. Very very fast delivery. Really recommended. Really cheap compare to others. Will repeat order again with this shop. Excellent service by Plugins Forest

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    Very well and nice, will rebuy again🤺🤺🤺5 star for you

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  10. Samira Bollinger (verified owner)

    lets make that fire!

  11. Alla Casas (verified owner)

    Nice interface, nice plugins and easy to use

  12. Huong Hager (verified owner)

    Fast response, recommended . Jangan segan silu nak beli dari kedai ni ✨✨✨✨✨

  13. Lean Caruso (verified owner)

    I like this product, it’s pretty easy to use.

  14. Jule Bernard (verified owner)

    The videos helped me feel confident I am ordering the right product for my needs.5star

  15. Bula Segura (verified owner)

    Thank yoooouuuuu so much! All functioning very well

  16. Carolyne Tidwell (verified owner)

    Thank for all your help! You were Professional and courteous!

  17. Terrell Enriquez (verified owner)

    I appreciate it. Thank you.

  18. Grisel Gentry (verified owner)

    It’s exactly what I wanted. Just need to watch YouTube videos on specifics

  19. Latisha Lively (verified owner)

    very helpfull !!

  20. Jonell Thurman (verified owner)

    Plugins Forest was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product I was purchasing.Recommended

  21. Maura Browder (verified owner)

    Thanksssssssss really amazing

  22. Huong Hager (verified owner)

    Respond very fast, tested the filters and so far no issues faced and worked properly

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  24. Shu Pugh (verified owner)

    I purchased and thought of going to sleep while waiting. But then 5 minutes later, ping! , done send. I was like holy crap. That was faster than my last relationship. I like this.

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    thanks for the was appreciated.

  26. Richelle Turk (verified owner)

    Great experience. Thank you Dino for your help. I would recommend your services to anyone.

  27. Nicolette Wadsworth (verified owner)

    It was a gift bought for a friend. He loves it so far. Has created a few songs already.

  28. Jeffry Huston (verified owner)

    Super recommend it!love it i have a much better quality now

  29. Drew Broughton (verified owner)

    Loving and learning it since I installed it!

  30. Wen Mcgrew (verified owner)

    Good value and quality

  31. Karoline Maples (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!my production to the next level

  32. Robena Sparrow (verified owner)

    Buen producto para profesionales de sonido

  33. Oswaldo Benton (verified owner)

    Its a 5 star product with a learning curve. Recommended

  34. Brynn Griffis (verified owner)

    Every major studio I’ve been to has this product, and now I can use them at home to prep my mixes before I go in. Great deal, and a huge time saver.

  35. Lanette Whiting (verified owner)

    Very good service-all issues were resolved for me.thank you Plugins Forest

  36. Jenine Lassiter (verified owner)

    Great sounding comprehensive product very professional product

  37. Brice Alcorn (verified owner)

    Great value for money, you get a good variety of usable plugins. The Native Instruments is a great if you want to enhance your stock daw plugins, excellent bag for buck.

  38. Maia Tarver (verified owner)

    Great customer service and technical support from them for us i can call them anytime for problems and I’ll get answers right way

  39. Gayle Cardona (verified owner)

    very good stuff in one product!!!!!! good price for all of these It’s definitely worth the money.Also excellent technical support team

  40. Felecia Munson (verified owner)

    knowledgable,informed and patient. VERY WELL DONE

  41. Shirly Connor (verified owner)

    Fantastic s. Very very very easy installation and all module works fine.. Fantastic.

  42. Deon Larkin (verified owner)

    I like it because ive always used it

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    So wonderful to speak to a person who knows the product line well as well as understanding techno illiterate customers

  44. Tuyet Darden

    Great sounding comprehensive product very professional product

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    Great value for money, you get a good variety of usable plugins. The Native Instruments is a great if you want to enhance your stock daw plugins, excellent bag for buck.

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