Plugin Alliance AMEK Mastering Compressor (Windows)

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Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 11 down to Windows 8

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Memory: 2 GB RAM


A compressor that hears music as you do
Like the original high-end hardware that inspired it, AMEK’s Mastering Compressor takes advantage of multiple True RMS detectors. This allows it to respond intelligently to changes in signal energy in the same naturally logarithmic way as the human ear, for stunningly transparent dynamic control.

Controls unlike any other compressor 
Instead of employing conventional attack and release controls, the AMEK Mastering Compressor offers an even more flexible way of dialing in the perfect compressor timing. Using 3 distinct detector circuits—slow, fast, and peak—you can choose exactly how much compression you want for each aspect of the signal, to strike the perfect blend. It’s almost like having three complimentary compressors in one.

A new way to visualize compression
This mastering grade tool offers not just a unique take on using compression, but a better way of visualizing it, too. The new, Brainworx-designed detector graph shows you exactly which of the three detector circuits is controlling the compressor’s response at any given time. Meanwhile, the distinctive output meter (borrowed from the original hardware), shows you how much output, compression and net signal change are occurring, all in one glance.

Fine-tune to your heart’s content
With the ratio control in its “Soft” setting, the AMEK Mastering Compressor has a gentle, program-dependent ratio reminiscent of the best tube compressors, but with much more transparency. In the rest of its settings, it takes on a harder knee for snappier, more assertive compression that still sounds remarkably smooth and clean. Controls like “Release Hysteresis” and “Timing” allow for exacting refinement of the compressor’s envelope.

Made for more than just mastering
Although the original hardware was widely coveted for its rich and transparent performance in mastering and mix bus applications, it’s also a favorite on all sorts of single instrument sources, including vocals, bass, acoustic guitar and more. The plugin includes a dedicated mono version designed specifically for these uses.

Made even more powerful with plugin-only features
As always, the engineers at Brainworx have added new digital-only features that would be impossible in the analog domain. In addition to regular favorites like the Mono Maker, Stereo Width, Auto Listen, Headroom and TMT controls, the AMEK Mastering Compressor adds the visual detector graph, a powerful 3-band sidechain filter, and a totally new feature called VCA Clip, which models the soft-clipping behavior of the original analog VCA at high signal levels.

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    Installation was smooth with ample instructions by Plugins Forest. Software working as intended. Responsive and prompt.

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    Great and 100% genuine highly recommend.

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    Quite impressive it’s actually work, and it keeps all the packs and settings you had before (I was using trial version). Just follow the video instructions and you should be fine.

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    Not a first purchase from this website and as usual perfect service!

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    delivery superb laju cepat sangat ni, kenapa laju sangat? dah la laju, bagus pula tu, pastu terbaik pula tu, nice

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