Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio LION (Windows)

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Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7 through 10
Please note: LION is only available on 64-bit systems

Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended)


Dual-oscillators with 26 modes
Unfiltered Audio’s LION synthesizer contains a dual-oscillator architecture with each oscillator featuring 26 modes. Pick and choose from FM synthesis, subtractive or additive waveforms, “super” oscillator stacks, microsound, noise, or variations of each. Both oscillator engines also feature an optional Stereo mode. Modulate the unison depth of every oscillator control and take advantage of optional tuning Drift for rich, full, and lush sounds.

Experimental oscillator mixing and 16 filter shapes
LION’s mixer offers distinct oscillator combination modes. The default Linear XFade algorithm acts as a standard crossfader while more experimental modes such as Min-Max, Ring Mod, Compare, Terrain, Bitter, and Ash create non-standard relationships between the two oscillators. Refine your sound further with 16 filter shapes that include low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass shapes, along with others.

Over 40 built-in effects
This synth features Unfiltered Audio’s legendary BYOME effect row—a flexible library of over 40 effects that you can modulate. Build presets with detailed effect chains that react to your playing. A factory library of 600 synthesizers presets that span multiple genres is also included, making it easy to hit the ground running.

Randomization engine
LION includes a refined version of the randomization engine that was introduced in BYOME. Use the new scalable randomization depth to add tiny amounts of variation to your synth patches or create completely new presets that bear almost no resemblance to the original source.

Peerless modulation system with MPE support
Translate your playing into a deep expression using the MIDI In modulator that’s part of LION’s peerless modulation system. Control the filter cutoff knob with the last MIDI note value you played or modulate an oscillator’s timbre through velocity control. With full MPE support, you can use controllers like ROLI Seaboard or Sensel Morph to achieve incredible per-voice articulation.

This plugin is included in our new MEGA Bundle Subscription and the Unfiltered Audio Bundle Subscription at no extra cost.


  • 26 unique oscillator modes, each with an optional stereo algorithm.
  • Per-voice modulation.
  • Eight unique mixing algorithms for smashing together two oscillators.
  • 16 different filter shapes to choose from.
  • Over 40 BYOME effects that allow for modular effect processing.
  • A refined version of BYOME’s randomization engine.
  • Modulate the unison depth of every oscillator control.
  • Intuitive UX through a carefully crafted single-page design.
  • A new tag-based preset browser.
  • Full MPE support with modular routing.
  • Full micro-tuning support (via TUN files).


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