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PC: Windows 7 SP 1 or later, 2.5 GHz quad core CPU or better, 64-bit host that is VST 2, VST 3 or


DUNE 3 Filters preview
Dual filter

The revised filter section in Dune 3 now sports a dual multimode filter plus an insert effect. Different routing modes like serial/parallel and seamless blend via the Balance knob allow for unlimited creative input! New filter types have been added as well, and include zero-delay feedback filters derived from our latest analog modeling technology. For creative applications, new insert effects like the formant/vowel filter or phaser greatly increase the range of sound design possibilities.

Dual Arpeggiator

Two arpeggiator units instead of just one greatly increase the sound design capabilities of DUNE 3. The Arpeggiators can be programmed independently and support both classic Up/Down arps, as well as playing back different sequences or even MIDI files. Furthermore, new features like the Random mode or programmable Arp Hold make the arpeggiator more powerful than ever before!

DUNE 3 Dual Arp preview
DUNE 3 Filters preview
Improved oscillators

At the heart of DUNE 3 are its powerful oscillator blocks. DUNE 3 supports VA, FM and Wavetable synthesis. With a maximum reserve of 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, DUNE 3 is a true unison monster, unlikely to ever run out of oscillators.

New in DUNE 3 is the “Swarm” mode, an evolution of the classic Supersaw oscillator.
Each oscillator gets its own subtle modulation in this mode, breathing a lot more life into the sound than possible previously!

New effects algorithms

DUNE 3 offers many new effect algorithms in all categories like Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, EQ, Delay and Reverb.

One of the most important additions is the new Equalizer, which sports technology from our GQ-7 Graphic Equalizer rack extension.

DUNE 3 Equalizer preview

Designed as a professional mixing and mastering equalizer, the new EQ offers four bands with high-quality parametric and shelving EQs, plus two additional low- and high cut filters with variable slopes. All filters in the EQ are designed to handle modulation without artifacts, such that the EQ can be used for creative purposes outside the realm of traditional EQ applications.

Another great new effect algorithm is the new Shimmer Hall, an exclusive feature of DUNE 3 – ideal for lush ambient sounds, wonderful pads and leads!

Wavetable Editor

The new Wavetable editor introduced in DUNE 3 is one of the most powerful around. Waveforms can be created via free-hand drawing, segments, a dedicated partial editor or by entering formulas. A variety of functions like morphing, fade in/out, normalize, DC remove, Invert/Reverse make creating new wavetables a breeze. Waveforms and Wavetables can be imported and exported in WAV format and are thus compatible with a wide range of third party software.

DUNE 3 Wavetable Editor preview

WAV File Editor

Since version 3.4, WAV files can be included in sounds in DUNE 3. This is done via oscillator 3. For the loaded WAV file the loop region can be set. When loop is enabled, the selected segment is repeated continuously as long as a note is played. WAV files that can be imported are 16, 24, and 32-bit WAV files between 44.1 and 192 kHz sample rate, mono and stereo.

DUNE 3 WAV File Editor preview
DUNE 3 features summary

VA, Wavetable and FM Synthesis

Two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators each

Third oscillator and white/pink noise generator

8x Unison = up to 520 oscillators per note!

Comprehensive Wavetable Editor

Full version comes with 1000 patches

Patch-compatible with DUNE 2

Dual filter with Balance and serial/parallel routing

Analog-modeled zero-delay feedback filters

Four graphical envelopes (MSEG)

Three low-frequency oscillators (LFO)

Modulation matrix for synth and FX parameters

Two Master FX busses with 9 high-quality effects each

Dual Arpeggiator with MIDI import

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