Arturia FX Collection 3 (Windows)

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Tech Specs

  • Software Type:Effects and Production Bundle
  • Platform: PC
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:AAX, VST, VST3,  Standalone,
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:Quad-core 3.4GHz processor or higher, 4GB RAM or more
  • OS Requirements – PC:Windows 8.1 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number:700301_Down
In Stock
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Arturia’s FX Collection 3 Brings Endless Potential

The FX Collection 3 expands Arturia’s classic collection of studio hardware emulations and next-gen digital effects with four new effects and an improved user-friendly interface. This stunning collection features 26 effects and 250-plus presets spanning console preamps, EQs, hardware compressors, lush delays, reverbs, modulation effects, and much more. Artists and engineers at Sweetwater are more than impressed by the FX Collection 3’s colorful, high-fidelity sonics and endless variety of useful tools. It has everything you need for a full production toolkit that’s streamlined for fast browsing and ease of use. Power up your studio with your download today!

What’s new in FX Collection 3…

  • 4 brand-new effects: Dist Opamp-21, Dist Tube-Culture, Efx Fragments, and Tape Mello-Fi
  • New A/B tool for fast comparisons of different settings, presets, etc.
  • An updated user interface with lower load times and a streamlined preset browser
  • Apple M1 processor compatibility
  • Oversampling modes in Dist Opamp-21 and Dist Tube-Culture
  • All paired with classic Arturia effects and features

Meet the new effects

  • Dist Tube-Culture: modernized valve saturation at your fingertips; packed with harmonic life and additional option for oversampling
  • Dist Opamp-21: rich audio saturation inspired by a classic “go direct” guitar pedal; fuses rich harmonics with high-gain crunch and an additional option for oversampling
  • Efx Fragments: ultra-modern texture fragments like glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, and more with powerful granular processing featuring a high degree of customization options
  • Tape Mello-Fi: get vintage tape-aged warmth and nostalgic textures fast; this versatile effect features preamp, modulation, and filter/output controls for customizable lo-fi vibes

Masterful bus FX

Put a final polish on stereo stems and your full mix with Arturia’s triple-threat of bus FX: Bus Force, Comp Diode-609, and EQ Sitral-609.

  • Bus Force: Arturia-original parallel processor, featuring discrete filter, EQ, compressor, and saturation modules
  • Comp Diode-609: faithful emulation of a legendary bus compressor with a crunchy, vintage character
  • EQ Sitral-609: musical stereo EQ based on a renowned 1970s broadcast console

Powerful Modulation

Modulation effects can take your tracks from bland to bodacious, and the Arturia FX Collection has four formidable modulators on tap: Chorus Dimension-D, Phaser Bi-Tron, Flanger BL-20, and Chorus Jun-20.

  • Chorus Dimension-D: warm BBD-style chorus with a simple 4-mode operation
  • Phaser Bi-Tron: definitive dual phaser guitar pedal with advanced routing features
  • Flanger BL-20: otherworldly modulator modeled on a cult classic rackmount flanger
  • Chorus Jun-20: ultra-lush chorus from an iconic 80s analog synth

Spatial reverbs

Reverb effects are vital for giving your mix a sense of space, in addition to being an integral ingredient for ambient sound design. The Arturia FX Collection brings you three vibey reverb effects: the vintage-inspired Rev Plate-140 and Rev Spring-636, and the ultra-modern Rev Intensity.

  • Rev Plate-140: the smooth, rich sound of a 1970s studio-staple plate reverb
  • Rev Spring-636: vibrant spring reverb inspired by a 1960s unit favored by Pete Townsend and Lee “Scratch” Perry
  • Rev Intensity: innovative modern reverb for experimental music makers and sound designers

Contemporary and classic delays

From subtle slaps to swirling washes of ping-ponging repeats, Arturia’s Delay Eternity, Delay Tape-201, and Delay Memory-Brigade offer a full arsenal of echo effects.

  • Delay Eternity: creative, versatile, and feature-rich contemporary delay for advanced sound design
  • Delay Tape-201: gritty and atmospheric tape-style delay with multiple preamp options
  • Delay Memory-Brigade: dark, modulated stereo delay, featuring an envelope follower, assignable LFO, and ping-pong mode

Essential filters

The Arturia FX Collection empowers you to shape any sound source with three feature-packed filter sections modeled from three celebrated synthesizers: the Filter Mini, Filter Sem, and Filter M12.

  • Filter Mini: the world’s most famous 24dB per octave ladder-diode filter
  • Filter Sem: coveted multimode filter with 16-step gate sequencer and noise oscillator
  • Filter M12: groundbreaking 1980s filter module, boasting 15 distinct filter modes

Compressor classics

Control your dynamics and add some old-school character with Arturia’s impeccably modeled trifecta of compressors: the Comp FET-76, Comp VCA-65, and Comp Tube-STA.

  • Comp FET-76: stunning emulation of the ubiquitous workhorse studio compressor
  • Comp VCA-65: accurate reproduction of a famous voltage-controlled compressor design
  • Comp Tube-STA: creamy, transparent tube-style compression for larger-than-life vocals, bass, and drums

Analog preamps

Analog console preamps are treasured for their ability to impart recordings with subtle harmonic saturation, enhanced mid-range punch, and thick, focused low end. The Arturia FX Collection delivers three sonic marvels based on revered studio classics.

  • Pre V76: the sound of an iconic vintage tube console with an unmistakable tone and germanium EQ
  • Pre TridA: splendid, musical EQ and the rich, full A Range tone, along with intuitive control
  • Pre 1973: characterful mic preamplification and punchy “British” inductor EQ

Arturia FX Collection 3 Features:

  • Collection of 26 versatile audio production plug-ins
  • Blends emulations of classic studio hardware with modern digital effects for a variety of options and tools
  • Effects include saturation, granular, mix bus, modulation, compression, delay, reverb, preamps, filters, and more
  • 4 brand-new effects in this collection: Dist Opamp-21, Dist Tube-Culture, Efx Fragments, and Tape Mello-Fi
  • 250+ presets for jumpstarting creativity with tried-and-true effects
  • New oversampling modes in Dist Opamp-21 and Dist Tube-Culture for immaculate sample captures
  • New A/B tool for fast comparisons of different settings and presets
  • A new user interface keeps load times low and browsing presets easier than ever before
  • Built-in tutorial and tips for shrinking the software learning curve
  • Map parameters to your favorite MIDI controller for more hands-on tweaking
  • FX Collection 3 is NKS-ready and optimized for Apple M1 processors
  • Standalone, VST, AAX, AU, NKS
  • Compatible with most major DAWs
  • Up to 5 computer authorizations per purchase

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