Plug And Mix – VIP Bundle (Windows)

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • VST, AAX 
  • 1.50GB Hard Disk
In Stock


The V.I.P. Bundle is a set of 50 high-quality audio plug-ins that will help you achieve great sound in a timely manner. Each plug-in is designed to accomplish only one task, making it super quick and easy to dial in a specific effect or treatment to an audio track.

For example, if you want to add a simple phaser effect to a guitar track, simply load the P&M Phaser, try a few presets, adjust the effect with just 2 or 3 knobs and you’re done with the next track.

The V.I.P. Bundle covers the needs of any musician or sound engineer who wants to dial in a great sound, quickly!

  • Ambiosoniq: Stereo image enhancement.
    American Tweed: Fender Bassman sound.
    Analog: A plugin for emulating vintage tapes and tubes.
    Basspeg: Bass boost.
    Brightness: A plug-in for adding brightness in the style of Abbey Road.
    British Tone: MARSHALL amplifier sound.
    California Tone: MESA BOOGIE amp sound.
    Chorus Ensemble: A deep chorus ensemble effect.
    Clarisonic: Sub-bass and harmonica amplifier.
    Classic Flanger: A silky smooth flanger effect.
    Classic Phaser: A vintage multi-stage phaser effect.
    Cool-vibe: An effect based on Hendrix’s Uni-Vibe.
    Degradiator: Beat crusher style plugin.
    Deluxe Tilt: Extreme EQ when you need it.
    Digital Plate: Analog Gold Plate reverb based on EMT.
    Digital Reverb: Eventide-based reverb.
    Dimension 3D: Roland Dimension D type effect.
    Distorted: Smooth distortion effect.
    Echoplex: A tape delay effect based on echoplex.
    Electro-Optical: Two-channel electro-optical compressor/limiter.
    Electro Q Tone: Extreme EQ when you need it.
    Gatevador: Close the gate.
    Granulizer: Plug-in for processing granulate.
    Liquid Air Q: An immersive EQ.
    Lo-Fi: Adds digital pollution to your tracks.
    Loudbass: Stereo bass booster.
    Ls Rotator: Great Leslie.
    Magic Queen: VOX amplifier sound.
    Monster Boost: Warm-sounding signal booster.
    Moogy Filter: Classic vintage filter pedal.
    Multi-Tap Delay: Multi-tempo insanity.
    Ob La Wah: WAH-WAH virtual pedal.
    Octaplexer: Octaver Divider Plugin.
    Pitch Me: Double pitch shifter.
    Psycho Ring: A unique ring modulator.
    Retro Compressor: Warm vintage compressor.
    Retro Equalizer: Like Classic EQ API.
    Retro Filter: Great sounding retro filter.
    Retro Limiter: Great-sounding limiter.
    S-Tractor: De-Ess your vocals.
    Screamer: Hardcore screaming distortion.
    Stereolizer: Increase the stereo width.
    Talking Tone: Talk Box and Vocoder.
    ToneStack: 6 classic amp tones.
    Transcontrol: SPL-based Transient Designer.
    Tremolo Pan: A versatile tremolo and panning effect.
    Ultramaxit: An easy-to-use level maximizer plugin.
    Vibrator: Add some vibration to your sounds.
    Vinylizer: Get a vinyl sound.
    Vowel Comb: Vowel overtone comb filter.


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