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Own ALL our plugins and apps 2023 for life: 150+ products, ONE giant bundle.
Yes, you read that right: you will OWN these licenses for life, not rent them!

Owners of this collection also get the “2023 ALL License”, which is a certificate that shows you purchased the 2022 ALL BUNDLE. If you own this license you will be able to purchase special deals on new product launches in 2023, and get huge discounts on upgrades to future ALL Bundles.

The ALL BUNDLE 2023 contains all of our historic hits, as well as all the latest plugins we have released before the end of 2023, including the new KIRCHHOFF-EQ, The Oven, Looptrotter Sat2rate, and so much more. Check the complete list below, please!

The current sales price is a heavily discounted, time-limited offer.
Enjoy your new PA collection!

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for all of our plugins.

All plugins work with Windows PCs. Most plugins support AAX Native, VST2, and VST3. Some plugins support AAX DSP, as well.


  • x64-compatible CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 11 down to Windows 8
  • Pro Tools 11 or higher or a VST*/VST3-compatible 64-bit host
  • Display resolution of 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher


Older systems

While we do not officially support older systems such as PowerPC or deprecated versions of macOS, our plugins may work in certain cases. However, we cannot guarantee any performance on such old systems.

Below is a list of Digital Audio workstations that we use for testing our currently released and unreleased plugins:

  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Studio One

While the above DAWs are the ones we test on, we do strive to make our products work in all DAWs that support VST2.4/VST3, and AAX.

To be sure that a plugin you are considering works with your setup.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for there, you can submit a ticket to our Tech Support Team.



  • Opticom XLA-3
  • Flanger
  • STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay
  • Metric AB
  • Streamliner
  • EQ 200
  • EQ 250
  • B-15N
  • SVT-3PRO
  • SVT-VR
  • SVT-VR Classic
  • V-4B
  • EQ232D
  • HG-2
  • HG-2MS
  • BX Style Creator Mastering
  • bx_2098 EQ
  • bx_bassdude
  • bx_blackdist2
  • bx_bluechorus2
  • bx_boom!
  • bx_cleansweep Pro
  • bx_console AMEK 9099
  • bx_console Focusrite SC
  • bx_console N
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E
  • bx_console SSL 4000 G
  • bx_console SSL 9000 J
  • bx_control V2
  • bx_crispytuner
  • bx_delay 2500
  • bx_digital V3
  • bx_distorange
  • bx_dynEQ V2
  • bx_greenscreamer
  • bx_hybrid V2
  • bx_limiter
  • bx_limiter True Peak
  • Oolong
  • Matcha
  • Keemun
  • Zip
  • VSC-2
  • VSM-3
  • Sandman Pro
  • SILO
  • SpecOps
  • LO-FI-AF
  • Needlepoint
  • Sandman


22 reviews for Plugins Alliance – All Bundle 2023 (Windows)

  1. Jacqualine Frick (verified owner)

    customer support was really helpful in entertaining all my questions! Super fast reply as well Would definitely recommend and buy again 🙂

  2. Jeffry Guenther (verified owner)

    Working so well… Try it, it’s very worthy

  3. Madeleine Hendrickson (verified owner)

    It’s trustable and real. I’m satisfied. Recommended 10/10

  4. Aleisha Manley (verified owner)

    Nice nice nice. Thanks Plugins Forest for prompt reply and good service. Thumbs up

  5. Mathilde Lyon (verified owner)

    Work 100%…recommended

  6. Jesica Pedersen (verified owner)

    Service terbaik. Senang nak install. Recommended

  7. Shayna Mattson (verified owner)

    Nice and friendly 👏👏 Agile customer service, thanks for everything ✨👍🏻

  8. Penney Pham (verified owner)

    Trusted and working fine! I’m really happy with this purchase

  9. Ula Driscoll (verified owner)

    Mantap.. klu ada 10 stars, i bagi 10s

  10. Rayford Hamm (verified owner)

    saya bagi 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  11. Denisha Geary (verified owner)

    Not bad! Recommended

  12. Neda Drury (verified owner)

    Overall, it’s full running. Really recommend it

  13. Shiloh Blanchard (verified owner)

    Perfection ✨👌

  14. Bart Fraser (verified owner)

    Barang terbaik Senang berkomunikasi Terbaik lah

  15. Maybelle Denning (verified owner)

    It works fine ! Thank you very much

  16. Palma Toler (verified owner)


  17. Tawanna Quinones (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. And very easy to download. I can open my old halfway project.

  18. Devon Horsley (verified owner)

    very clear instructions.. im very satisfying

  19. Thresa Rosado (verified owner)

    Barang terbaik Senang berkomunikasi Terbaik lah

  20. Reda Lavigne (verified owner)

    Instructions terang lagi bsuluh.. so senang nak buat.. Sgt bpuas hati.. smua function yg kita harapkn drpd DAW ni ada.. ble repeat order utk plugin & software lain pla lepas ni.

  21. Richelle Hatcher (verified owner)

    Followed instructions and its totally working…Awesome

  22. Mina Scoggins (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy installation.

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