Pulsar Audio – Pulsar Massive (Windows)

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    • Windows 10,11 (64 Bit Only)
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The most complete passive EQ plugin. Musical and intuitive, a must-have for mixing and mastering.


Pulsar Massive is an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive* EQ that is present in almost every mastering studio in the world. This machine was designed as a synthesis of the best passive equalizers of the last 70 years, and several distinct features in the design give it an absolutely unique sound.

First of all, the fully parallel topology of the EQ gives a completely different kind of response to a digital equalizer with the same settings. A parallel equalizer’s tonal corrections aren’t cumulative, but tend to interact with each other, resulting in a more intuitive and fluid way to shape the frequency spectrum.

As well as this, the whole equalization circuit of the original hardware is passive and therefore has several inductors. These inductors, machined and wound specifically by the manufacturer, are responsible for a creamynon-linear, and organic sound due to the magnetic saturation they introduce.

Finally, the input, output, and internal gain stages are entirely tube and transformer-operated, providing another step of warm and organic coloration.

Our software meticulously reproduces all these important aspects of the original hardware but also offers an interface inspired by its ergonomics, which were much appreciated by its users.

But we’ve taken Pulsar Massive even further, adding all the key features you would expect from a modern, versatile EQ plugin, including visual curve editing for a fast workflow and a drive parameter to push the inductor and tube saturation stages harder for more vibe.

29 reviews for Pulsar Audio – Pulsar Massive (Windows)

  1. Jospeh Corbett (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  2. Winter Neill (verified owner)

    Plugins Forest is really friendly. Received the download immediately and spent a whole day trying to download it but it ended up buying the installation service. Would recommend but you need a ton of space, good internet, and buy the installation service.

  3. Winter Roney (verified owner)

    I like it because ive always used it

  4. Winter Roney (verified owner)

    Nice interface, nice plugins and easy to use

  5. Lasonya Sallee (verified owner)

    100% cool

  6. Alta Scanlon (verified owner)

    It’s exactly what I wanted. Just need to watch YouTube videos on specifics

  7. Nada Duggan (verified owner)

    Easy installation. Fully working product. Fast reply. Good!

  8. Kennith Huston (verified owner)

    Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

  9. Willodean Bain (verified owner)

    Buen producto para profesionales de sonido

  10. Maile Souza (verified owner)

    Power !

  11. Willodean Bain (verified owner)

    lets make that fire!

  12. Libbie Tobin


  13. Willodean Bain (verified owner)

    I like it because ive always used it

  14. Lazaro Witherspoon (verified owner)

    Good product.

  15. Errol Valles (verified owner)

    This team is knowledgeable, thorough and clear with communication. Their prices are reasonable too.

  16. Zada Felix (verified owner)

    Loving and learning it since I installed it!

  17. Sandee Burkett (verified owner)

    Its a 5 star product with a learning curve. Recommended

  18. Willodean Bain (verified owner)

    Nice interface, nice plugins and easy to use

  19. Margarite Nicholas (verified owner)

    I like this product, it’s pretty easy to use.

  20. Noella Ernst (verified owner)

    It was worth the money

  21. Susann Staten (verified owner)

    lets make that fire!

  22. Wyatt Wray (verified owner)

    It was a gift bought for a friend. He loves it so far. Has created a few songs already.

  23. Keri Rich (verified owner)

    I like it because ive always used it

  24. Winter Roney (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  25. Dion Woodbury (verified owner)

    I love lifetime upgrade program.

  26. Kareem Albertson (verified owner)

    A really very reliable service I have bought here many times and am very satisfied.And the support is very friendly and always helpful 👍👍👍

  27. Anette Canfield (verified owner)

    Great website, super quick and effective trade, i would love to work with them again, thanks to Levi for the assistance 🙂

  28. Kurtis Gates (verified owner)

    Wow!! Terbaik sangat memuaskan..👍👍👍

  29. Kathrin Meeker (verified owner)

    Everything is good

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