Toontrack – EZkeys Complete Bundle 2023 (Windows)

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Tech Specs

    • Software Type: Piano library bundle
    • Platform: PC
    • Upgrade/Full: Full
    • Download/Boxed: Download
    • PC Format:VST, RTAS, AAX
    • Hardware Requirements – PC: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended
    • OS Requirements – PC: Windows 7 SP1 or later
In Stock
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List of libraries and midi grooves

Electronic Pop v1.0.0
Cinematic Pads 1.3.0
Cinematic Grand version 1.0.0
Classic Electrics version 1.0.2
Dream Machine version 1.0.1
Electric Grand version 1.0.0
Grand Piano version 1.0.4
Hybrid Harp version 1.0.1
Mellotron version 1.0.1
Pipe Organ version 1.0.0
Retro Electrics version 1.0.2
Small Upright version 1.0.0
String Machine version 1.0.0
Studio Grand version 1.0.0
Upright Piano version 1.0.2
Vintage Upright version 1.0.0


Acoustic Songwriter EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Americana EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
AOR Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
AOR EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Ballads 2 EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Basic Rock EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Big Band EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Blues EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Boogie EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
British Invasion EZkeys MIDI v1.0.0
Classic Soul EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Contemporary R&B EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Contemporary Soul Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Country EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Country Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Country Roots EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Detroit Soul EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Disco EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
EDM EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Eighties Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Emotional Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Folk EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Epic Themes EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Epic Themes 2 EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Funk EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Fusion EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Gospel EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Goth Rock EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Hip-Hop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Hip-Hop/R&B EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Hooks/Chords EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
House EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Indie Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Jazz EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Jazz Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Keys/Strings EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Latin Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Latin Cuban EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Latin EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Latin Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Melancholic Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Modern Funk EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Modern Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Movie Scores EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Movie Scores – Action EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Movie Scores – Drama EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Movie Scores – Horror EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Movie Scores – Romance EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Movie Scores – Suspense EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Neo Soul EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
New Wave EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Piano Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Pop/Rock EZkeys MIDI version 1.1.1
Power Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
R&B EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Reggae EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Rock Ballads EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.1
Seventies Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Seventies Prog EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Shuffles EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Singer-Songwriter EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Sixties Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Synth-Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Traditional Gospel EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
UK Pop EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
Urban Jazz EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
West Coast Rock EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0
World Music EZkeys MIDI version 1.0.0

With Toontrack’s EZkeys software, you don’t have to be a piano player to put together a professional-sounding piano part! Songwriters will love how simple it is to create a song from parts or to turn a complete song into a beautifully played piano piece. Want to transpose the key for a song or section? It’s easy! Experiment with different chords and progressions. Simple! No matter what genre your project falls into, EZkeys has you covered, with professionally played parts that fit all kinds of different musical styles. Perfect for songwriters, arrangers, and performers alike, EZkeys works inside your DAW or in standalone mode.

Toontrack EZkeys Essential Pianos Features:

  • Premium sampled upright and grand pianos, plus Rhodes and Wurlitzer electrics
  • Powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use songwriting tool
  • Works as a standalone application or as an RTAS, AU, or VST plug-in
  • Cut, add, move, analyze, and randomize your chords and song structure
  • Incredibly simple drag-and-drop MIDI file import, analysis, and export
  • Customizable velocity curve to match your individual playing style
  • Includes Music Theory Basics, with playable examples in EZkeys

Three incredible piano libraries

The centerpiece of EZkeys is an exquisitely sampled, perfectly tuned Steinway & Sons Model D grand piano. Toontrack meticulously recorded every note, nuance, and element of this industry-standard piano and turned it into an expressive, beautiful instrument inside EZkeys. If you’re a keyboard player, then you’ll love this sound library as both a creative tool and as a standalone virtual instrument. But even if you’re not, you can easily put this amazing piano into your tracks, thanks to great tools from EZkeys.

EZkeys Classic Electrics starts with samples of two legendary and characteristic electric pianos: the Rhodes MK I and the Wurlitzer 200A. These instruments are modern music icons and have been integral parts of rock, soul, funk, and jazz performances worldwide. These meticulously recorded samples were captured by top-of-the-line microphones and preamps, and edited by Toontrack’s veteran engineers. Whether you need the classic electric piano sound in your mix or onstage, you can trust EZkeys Classic Electrics to do the job.

Toontrack’s EZkeys Upright Piano comes loaded with a top-quality Ostlind & Almquist upright piano virtual instrument. This Swedish brand has been making legendary upright pianos since the 1800s, and Toontrack did an amazing job sampling the one you get in EZkeys Upright Piano. What’s more, Toontrack loaded their piano with a wide range of presets, including customizable effects chains for an even greater variety of sounds. EZkeys Upright Piano is by far one of the most complete piano virtual instruments you’ll ever play.

  • Grand Piano — samples of the Steinway & Sons Model D
  • Classic Electrics — samples of the Rhodes MK I and Wurlitzer 200A
  • Upright Piano — samples of an Ostlind & Almquist upright piano
  • Standalone functionality makes all of these instruments easily accessible for live performance
EZKeys has a beautifully designed interface
EZKeys comes with 14 mix-ready presets

Customizable presets

To give you tons of flexibility, Toontrack has included 14 mix-ready presets in EZkeys. From pure to gritty, dirty to dreamy, there is a piano sound for any project you’re working on. Want to tweak the tone further? Each preset has four variable settings to change everything from space, drive, echo, tone, loudness, body, detune, and more!

Super-powerful and simple for songwriters

The heart and soul of EZkeys is its songwriting function. Whether you’re starting from scratch, bringing in an existing MIDI file, or using the Song Browser to piece together some of the included ready-made parts, you’ll find that EZkeys is both intuitive and feature-rich. Even if you’ve never played a keyboard before, it’s easy to start playing and making files in EZkeys! Pick the style you want to work in and immediately start working with intros, verses, choruses, and other song components — all real piano parts that are played by real session pianists!

Easy to use, right from the start
The Chord Wheel makes experimentation simple!

Slice, dice, change, and rearrange

Thanks to Toontrack’s innovatively designed Chord Wheel and key transposition tools, you can quickly pick your song’s key, add chords (majors, minors, and all the “flavors” within them), and then experiment with different chord progressions, song part arrangements, change the dynamics, add color to chords . . . nearly anything at all!

MIDI file import

Need to bring in a project you’ve already started? Or maybe you’d like to start with another song and make it your own? Simply drag and drop a MIDI file onto the Arranger timeline, and EZkeys will not only import it, but will also analyze the chord progression and even change the key to fit your current project, if you choose!

MIDI import is as simple as drag and drop!
Simple drag-and-drop MIDI export

MIDI file export

Once you’ve created the song or chord progression you want, exporting a MIDI file from EZkeys is a snap. Just select the chords in your song track, drag them over to your computer’s desktop, and your MIDI file is automatically created for you! Now you’re ready to use that progression inside your DAW or with your favorite virtual instrument! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Use and record in your favorite DAW

Using EZkeys as a plug-in inside your DAW of choice, you can record audio directly to an audio track. Or, when your chord progression or song is complete, simply drag and drop the MIDI from the Arranger timeline onto a MIDI track for routing through any other virtual instrument you choose!

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