Tracktion Dawesome – Myth (Windows)

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
  • Full Version 
  • Lifetime Activation
  • Future Free Updates
  • Instant Download
  • VST3 Only
In Stock


A Living Beast

MYTH was built to create the joy and inspiration we feel when playing with hardware. Instead of “programming” sounds you create sounds by exploration and tweaking. The sound is rich and organic, and the entire system acts like one organism.


In classical synthesis, oscillator waves are mostly static and you add filters and modulators to “program” all the variations to make the sound organic and interesting. MYTH offers a paradigm shift: drag and drop audio and it will be re-synthesised as an IRIS. The inherent variations and richness of the sample can now be exploited with the TRANSFORMER dials. Of course – you can also add classical LFOs, envelopes, or filters as much as you want. Just…you will rarely feel the need!

Look, Mum, no Cables

Modular systems are so powerful, but also complex and easily confusing. MYTH has modules, but no cables: like in a pedal board the modules are simply chained from left to right. Insanely powerful and unbeatably simple!

Weird and Wonderful

You can use MYTH as a virtual analog subtractive synth, create shimmering metallics, add colorful acoustic resonances, create glittering grain clouds … or do it all at the same time. From fragrant pads to striking kicks – MYTH can do any sound with ease. And if you prefer to ride a wild horse: there are things like ORBIT, GLURP, or ATARI PUNK – weird and wonderful new stuff.

The Fastest Workflow in the West

Let’s be honest: sound design can be tedious, and we all love tweaking presets! MYTH goes one step further with a randomization system on steroids: for example, you can freeze sections to keep them unchanged. Or you “breed” new presets from a selection of parent presets. Or you take a sample and then browse through presets to put them over your sample like a dress. It’s incredibly easy, fast and fun!

Features of Dawesome Myth

  • Advanced organic resynthesis based on machine learning
  • Over 700+ presets created by over 10 sound engineers and artists
  • Intuitive modular system
  • Teachable resonators (by sample reset)
  • Virtual analog filters
  • Creative midi effects
  • Full MPE support
  • Built-in training system
  • Powerful and innovative randomization system
  • Intuitive modulation system
  • Supports MTS-ESP for microtonality


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