United Plugins Bundle (Windows)

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 10,11
  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • VST2 ,VST3, AAX
In Stock



  • FireSonic:
    FireCharger v2.7 – Charge your sound to max
    FireCobra v2.7 – Intelligence in Audio Enhancing
    FireMaster v2.7 – The Cherry on Top
    FireMaximizer v1.1 – Nitro power for your mixes
    FirePresser v2.8 – One to Rule Them All
    Instant Audio:
    QuickAG v3.2 – Bigger, better, brighter, smoother
    QuickBass v2.2 – It’s all about that bass (and some treble)
    JMG Sound:
    BITPUNK v1.1 – We don’t give a damn about a slogan
    Cryostasis v1.3 – Freeze Time Forever
    Expanse 3D v1.7 – Sound deeper, wider, and bigger!
    Hyperspace v2.7 – Shortcut to the New Universe
    Mirror v1.7 – Reflections of the Future
    Nanopulse v1.2 – The Power of Attack
    Orbitron v1.7 – The Revolution in Modulation
    Retronaut v1.2 – Explore the past
    Transmutation v2.7 – The Art of Crossfading
    Bassment v1.5 – Bass is the base
    Bassment Core v1.2 – The basics of Bassment
    Electrum v1.9 – The Mother of All Guitar Amps
    Electrum Core v1.9 – The lightweight guitar solution
    MorphVerb v2.7 – I’m Every Reverb
    Soundevice Digital:
    Autoformer v2.9 – Colour, Polish, Finish
    DIFIX v3.1 – Fix your recording hardware imperfection
    FrontDAW v2.7 – Turn Your DAW Mixer into an Analogue Desk
    MasterMind v1.5 – The shortest way from mix to master
    Plamen v1.1 – Sculpture your saturation
    Pluralis v1.2 – Out of one, many
    Royal Compressor v2.7 – The Return of the King
    Subbass Doctor 808 v2.7 – Treat Your SubBass Right
    TrapTune v1.5 – Automatic tuner for Trap and more…
    UniChannel v1.8 – Inspiration in Variety
    Urban Puncher v1.9 – Energize your loops
    Verbum Entropic Hall v3.0 – The Beauty Is in Chaos
    VoxDucker v1.5 – Mix voiceovers instantly
    Voxessor v2.7 – Let your voice be heard


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