UVI – Phasor (Windows)

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  • 500 MB of disk space (Windows64 Installer: 361 MB)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    – Windows 10 to Windows 11
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Your New Go-To Phaser

Phasor is a powerful and dynamic studio tool, offering up a broad palette of modulation, filtering, and distortion effects thanks to its unique multimode design and deeply configurable parametric LFO. From buttery stereo field enhancement to rhythmic reinforcement with tweakable LFO waveshape and swing to more creative and specialized effects utilizing min and max frequency range, feedback, and drive, Phasor is featured and easy-to-use, delivering exceptional sound quality across a wide range of sweet spots.


Modern Features

Phasor includes a number of powerful features that let you easily dial in anything from surgical enhancement to two-fisted rhythmic mutilation. Use the Min and Max knobs to set the frequency range, then couple it with Depth to create laser-focused parallel effects, while a bipolar Feedback knob offers a wide range of additive and subtractive filtering effects. Add grit to your sound with Drive, and evaluate your changes confidently with Trim, I/O metering, and A/B snapshotting to easily level-match and compare your effect.

Multimode LFO Design

One of the most powerful components of Phasor is its multimode LFO design, allowing you to choose between Off, Random, S&H, and Parametric LFO modes. Off mode disables the LFO allowing you to design static or purely automated effects, while S&H and Random offer stepped and smooth randomization linked to Rate, letting you apply a variable amount of controlled chaos to your sound.


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