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W.A Production – Everything Bundle 2023 (Windows)




At W. A. Production, we’re grateful to have music producers of all kinds who love our products. Many of our loyal customers have  built large collections of W. A. Production products and use them to make incredible music. Now, we’re launching our biggest, best bundle ever for all those W. A. Production superfans — the Everything Bundle!

The Everything Bundle from W. A. Production contains every plugin we have ever made, all for one low price. There’s no better way to level up your production game than adding this incredible suite of professional tools to your arsenal.

Included in the bundle are also 40 sample packs full of useful and inspirationl melodies, drums,  FX sounds, vocals, presets, MIDI files and more!

We hope you find the Everything Bundle: Plugins as wonderful of a deal as we do, and we look forward to providing you with many more Instruments, Audio Effects, and MIDI Effects for the years to come.

Included in the bundle:


  • 6 MIDI Plugins (InstaChord 2, InstaComposer, Chords Pro + Notes, MIDIQ, InstaScale, InstaChord)
  • 34 FX Plugins (Put Me On Drums, KSHMR Essentials, Combustor, Heat 2, MultiBender, Heat by 22 Bullets, Zqueezer, Satyrus, XTT by VINAI, Biggifier by Aden, Vocal Limiter, Make Me Scream, Fundamental Bass, Vocal Cleaner, Orchid, Vocal Compressor, Punchy Worm, Dodge Pro, Venom, Vocal Splitter, Mutant Reverb, Mutant Delay, Imprint, Screamo, Outlaw, Pumper 3, SphereQuad, Puncher 2, SphereComp, SphereDelay, The King 2, Helper Transients 2, Helper Saturator 2, Helper Equalizer 2)
  • 2 Synthesizers (Babylon, ImPerfect)


  • 40 Sample Packs (40GB+ of sounds, MIDI, presets, vocals & more)

W.A Production Babylon

W.A Production Biggifier

W.A Production Dodge Pro

W.A Production Fundamental Bass

W.A Production Helper Equalizer 2

W.A Production Helper Saturator 2

W.A Production Helper Transients 2

W.A Production ImPerfect

W.A Production Imprint

W.A Production InstaChord

W.A Production InstaScale

W.A Production KSHMR Essentials

W.A Production Make Me Scream

W.A Production Mutant Delay

W.A Production Mutant Reverb

W.A Production Orchid

W.A Production Outlaw

W.A Production Pumper 3

W.A Production Puncher 2

W.A Production Punchy Worm

W.A Production Satyrus

W.A Production Screamo

W.A Production Sphere Comp

W.A Production Sphere Delay

W.A Production Sphere Quad

W.A Production The King

W.A Production Vocal Cleaner

W.A Production Vocal Compressor

W.A Production Vocal Limiter

W.A Production Vocal Splitter

W.A ProductionZqueezer

W.A.Production XTT


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