W.A Production InstaComposer 2 (Windows)

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System requirements

  • Windows 10,11 (64Bit Only)
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  • Lifetime Activation 
  • Future Free Updates
  • VST3, VST2, AAX 
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Introducing Instacomposer 2: The Ultimate MIDI Generation Station

We’ve all experienced those moments when creativity runs dry. Fear not, as the newly updated Instacomposer 2 is your ultimate muse. This is a powerful MIDI generator plugin designed to revolutionize music creation. Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting out, this versatile tool offers endless possibilities for crafting captivating melodies, phrases, riffs, and chord progressions across various genres and styles. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, Instacomposer 2 lets you focus on getting ideas down fast, without spending hours auditioning parts manually. It’s the only generation station you need…

New to Instacomposer 2

Building on the foundation of the original, Instacomposer 2 sports exciting new features and improvements to enhance your experience. Organize ideas and song parts with 8 new “scenes”, providing a convenient way to store different variations within a single preset. Scale support is upgraded, with 22 additional scales ranging from Spanish, Arabic, Ryukyu, and more. Melodies can be generated in different modes and paired with unique chord progressions for each scale. A new virtual keyboard and highlighted chord menus help with scale and chord selection. The update introduces two new generation modes. Drums; effortlessly generating drum lines across various styles and complexities, and Pad 2; creating fuller sounds by combining pad and chord modes. The AI algorithms have been further improved for rhythm, phrase, and melody generation, conjuring more refined results. New parameters like Sustain and Chord Helper provide additional control. The plugin now offers six total tracks, improved performance with reduced CPU usage, and legacy support for loading presets from the previous version.


  • Intelligent MIDI Generation plugin
  • Create Melodies, Phrases, Riffs, Chords & more
  • Infinite ideas at the click of a button
  • Generate 5 tracks simultaneously
  • Multi-track and Multi-channel routing
  • Automatic harmonies and chord progression generation
  • Comprehensive MIDI editing
  • MIDI drag and drop
  • Multiple time signatures
  • Many controls for Probability, Complexity & Variation
  • Factory Presets
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

What’s new in version 2

Scenes: Organize various ideas, alternative variations, and different song parts by storing them in any of the eight available scenes within the same preset.

New Scales: Now supporting 22 additional scales.

  • Including Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Spanish, Arabic, Neapolitan Minor, Hungarian Minor, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Blues, Insen, Hirajoshi, Miyako Bushi, Ryukyu, Ritsu, Diminished, Major Bebop, Dominant Bebop, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian.
  • Generate melodies in different generation modes and chord progression for each scale.
  • A new virtual keyboard highlights the notes for the selected scale.
  • Chords belonging to the selected scale are highlighted in the chord menus.

New Modes: Added two more generation modes.

Drums: Allows you to easily generate drum lines. Supporting a wide variety of styles, time signatures, and complexity levels.

  • Versatile: The algorithm is able to generate a wide variety of drum lines depending on the settings like time division, population, structure, velocity, scale, etc. Similar to melody generation modes, experimenting with different sounds and drum modes, regardless of the naming, can lead to some interesting results.
  • Sub-modes: There are a few drum modes that let you narrow down the output to something that fits your preferences
  • Auto: Takes in settings such as time and population and chooses an approach automatically.
  • Default: Generates drum lines that fit most genres and drum sounds.
  • Half Time: Similar to default mode but in half time.
  • Double Time: Similar to default mode but in double time.
  • Double Time – Snare Lead: Similar to double time mode but with leading snare.
  • Dance: Generates drum lines that fit electronic genres and drum sounds a bit better.

Pad 2: Creates a fuller sound by combining pad and chord modes. Focusing on chords in the lower register, while allowing for more relaxed movements in the higher register.

Improved algorithms: Updated rhythm, phrase and melody generation sections.

Sustain Parameter: Control over the length of the notes that are going to be generated. There is also a post-processing option to apply changes after the output has been generated.

Chord Helper: Highlights the notes for the selected chord on a virtual keyboard.

One additional track: The number of tracks has been extended to 6.

Lock MIDI channels: This gives you the option to keep the same channel configuration when loading new presets.

Improved performance: Using slightly less CPU power.

Legacy support: You can load presets from the first version of the plug-in.



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